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Typically Dutch: this is what I miss most…

What do you miss most from the Netherlands? Tell us here and find out what others are craving too …

109 comments on “Typically Dutch: this is what I miss most…

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  3. John claesen

    I miss zoute haring, kroketten en hagelslag

  4. Annemiek Wilson

    I miss EVERYTHING DUTCH FOOD but you know what I long for is to be back there. Walking through the streets of all that history. I miss feeling dutch. I lived in Australia far to long and sometimes I just miss my youth days. at school, walking home in dark. Rolling a snow ball on the ground on the way to school. New years Eve, Sinterklaas. This side of the world is just not the same. If I was not married to an Englishman and my kids and grandkids were not around I swear I would be back there enjoying the cold, rain, snow, summer, winter, herft. The bicycle paths and the dutch language. Gee wizz I could go on.. I wont. 😦

    • Trees Graham

      Hi Annemiek,
      I couldn’t agree with you more; everything you said and more! I live in England for 51 years now and still feel such a connection with my roots.
      I tried to buy some Dutch food/ingredients, but it is so very expensive on-line, so I have to wait until some of my family comes to visit, or I make a trip there. I am lucky that I don’t live so far away as you.
      I miss anijs- hagelslag, appelstroop, ontbijtkoek gerookte worst, vlees kroket en patat en mayonaise; enz. enz.
      I miss cycling on flat roads, it is much to hilly here Kent; walking on ice ( I wouldn’t dare skating anymore). The Dutch sense of humor and miss the word ‘gezellig’!
      Regards, Trees

    • Elisabeth Carlson-Vanderbroeck

      Hello Annemiek. I also live in Australia, immigrated here as a child and returned to the Netherlands 3 years ago for the first time. Although I don’t have memories of my home land, I could see how beautiful and special it is and how difficult it must have been for my parents to immigrate here. I was brought up on Dutch food as a child even though we lived in Australia, only at the time I didn’t realise it was traditional food until I returned there. I felt a very strong connection to the Netherlands and I consider it my home land. We live so far away.

  5. Deb Paquette

    Fried mussels from street vendors dipped in mayonaisse. Yum! Smoked eels, Kaashuis Tromp Cheese shop in Zandvoort. Ohh, now I’m hungry!

  6. I miss my family, the clouds and the gezelligheid…

  7. sofia

    I miss lente,zommer,herfst and winter in Holland, erg……

  8. Sylvia

    You know the further down I read the more things I miss. I left Holland when I was 14. I have been back 2 or 3 times but that was years ago. Now I live in BC Canada luckily we have a deli shop here that carries quite a few Dutch items so I am lucky that way. Also my parents don’t live very far from me and my dad and mom are both amazing cooks so I still get my Dutch staples so to speak. Stampot boerenkool , erwten soep , bitterballen , nasi, bami, loempia , satay, pinda sause , ballen gahakt I can go on and on but it is still never the same as having them in Nederland. The taste is somehow different. The potatoes are different, the butter is different ofcourse the cheese is way better there. It just never quite measures up or maybe that is all in my mind , maybe in my mind I have made it so much better there. Anyway thank god I have the memories…… Gerookte paling, tompoessen , apple flappen, spekjes , schuimpjes, kaas……. etc lol

  9. Sylvia

    I miss the markets the most. All those little stands with all kinds of things and goodies. Warm waffles. Broodje croquette . Frikandel . Zak patat met pinda sauce. Oh I’m starting to πŸ‘…drool I think πŸ‘…πŸ˜‹ lol

  10. Jannet Lennox

    Can’t believe nobody misses “gevulde koeken”

    • sylvia

      Oohh I miss those too. I could go on and on. Boter koek . Olie bollen . Mmm

  11. cai

    Hi all! I am the daughter of 2 Indonesian-born Dutch who emigrated to the USA in 1957. I am very fortunate that both parents (who spent WWII in Indonesia under the Japanese occupation) knew had to cook Indonesian food! We traveled as a family to Holland many times, and I am very fond of Dutch foods and the Indo restaurants that have sprouted up all over. I recently found out that Amazon has almost all of the foods mentioned on this site; including Chocomel. My boys are addicted to hagelslag and I will never tire of ALL the sambals that Amazon has to offer. Check it out!

  12. Marian

    I’m very fortunate to go back home once a year.
    I was born and raised in Amsterdam and try to go for a day when I’m there.
    What I miss the most are my family and friends but thanks to technology I skype with my sister, mother and son often.
    Holland has changed so much, it’s not like it was 25 years ago.
    I love to visit but after 2 weeks I want to go back to the us, more space to live.
    I can get pretty much everything I want here to make my Dutch food like andijvie. Stamp pot with meatballs or the famous Dutch appeltaart.
    The only thing i always eat when I’m in holland is zoute haring and of course zoute drop.
    The only time I am homesick is around the holidays, especially Christmas, then I really miss the gezelligheid, playing games on Xmas day, always loved de sjoelbak, and listening to “ja zuster, nee zuster” lp’s
    Many wonderful memories of my homeland and still proud to be Dutch.

  13. Amanda Marie


    • Anton Abrahams

      Lived in Australia for last 40 years and have been fortunate with opportunity to return to my country of birth many times. Holland has changed over time, the language is changing rapidly to include many English words and expressions which is a pity but the food is still more or less of what I remember it was when I was young and the gezelligheid is still around as part of the Dutch tradition. And I am fortunate that I still have friends and family in Holland who keep me updated. My favourite food is still Dutch-Indonesian and a ricetafel is still on top of my list. And of course I love the traditional kroketten, bitterballen, rookworst van de Hema, gehakt balletjes, blinde vinken etc and still make oliebollen for our friends for New year celebrations and we still buy the St.Nikolaas chocolate letters in our local Melbourne (Morabbin) Dutch shop for our (now adult) children and grandchildren which now become part of their Xmas booty.

      • Annemiek Wilson

        Sound like your so much like me. I miss all those things. I came to australia when I was 10 with my 6 brothers and sisters and my mum and dad. then we went back in the late 70 and then went back to australia. But holland is such a place filled with history and wonder as a child growing up there and working a couple of years in my teens.

  14. Martinique van der Merwe

    I have never lived in Netherlands, but my Opa and Oma brought the traditions with them when they moved to South Africa in the 1960’s. I speak fluent Dutch, love hagelslag, poffertjes, kroketten, hutspot, spekulaas – the list goes on. Many of the dutch products are available at De Zoete Inval in Jhb luckily or even at some of the bigger Spar stores. What I do miss is my Oma making a Rijst Tafel or Nasi Goreng – mine just doesn’t taste the same!

  15. Hendrik de Jong

    I miss paprika ribbletjes chips (that is crisps, not fries). And they have to be the big bags made by Lay’s nowadays, not the Croky, or Albert Heijn versions. And the full fat version, not baked, or light or healthy version either.

  16. Yvonne Houwers

    I miss Indonesian Food, I sometimes cook it myself, but it is not the same..
    I also miss all dat lekkere boterham vlees, zoveel keuze in Holland.
    Ik mis Maastricht, mijn geboortestad. Ik woon in Qualicum Beach op Vancouver Island in BC Canada.

    • Lis Carlson

      Hello Yvonne, I was also born in Maastricht, immigrated to Western Australia at the age of 1 year and returned for the first time last year. I had no idea how beautiful the city of Maastricht is. Many of the foods my mother cooked are still there. I wish I could speak Dutch, one of my regrets.

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  18. Anouk11095

    the cow poo

  19. R.A.F.Altman

    I went thru all comments above and agree with all of them missing the most different aspects from gezelligheid to sambal oelek, but found it very, very strange that NOBODY here is missing CHOCOMEL! IΒ΄ve travelled around the world a lot, but never, ever found a similar good stuff like the Dutch Chocomel. ItΒ΄s very little handy bottle allows everybody to enjoy it everywhere, wether it be in the train, tram, bus or even in theathre……

    • Peter Van Den Bosch

      I love the pudding called flaa. tobad you cant get it in Canada

    • Monica

      Oh, I miss Chocomel!! I was in Holland in 2004 and I bought some for myself. My aunty that I stayed with gave me a strange look but I had a bit of a craving for the stuff πŸ™‚

    • Jan Ypma

      Of course I miss Chocomel. My family owned a grocery store in Utrecht and I used to sneak a bottle of Chocomel every once in a while.. So, I’m with you there, it was and is very good, unique stuff. And so was Vla, bought from the dairy store. Chocolade Vla mixed with Vanilla Vla. Heerlijk!!

      Merry Christmas from Dodge Cove, BC

      Jan Y.Ypma

    • Hendrik de Jong

      OMG…. I looooove Chocomel too. When I am in Holland, I drink it till I actually feel a bit sick.

    • I miss Chocomel, and so do my grown up children!

  20. Arie Keus

    Gelderse rookworst, groene haring, smoked paling, broodje lever & ouwe kaas

  21. caroline grove

    As you can see by my E-Mail address I am roud to be Dutch. Net year will be 52 years nce I immigrate wimy family from Holland. I was 12 yrs old but I remmber so much and since I retired last year I have decided to go and visit Holland a Iam so excited and can hardly wait. First I have to go to Rotterdam and stand in front of he house where we lived an second visit the school where I learned so much and then the speeltuin where my sster and I played. Isn’t that too cool?

    • Lis Carlson

      Hi Caroline, I also immigrated, to Australia 59 years when I was 1yr and am returning for first time in July 2014. I am sure it will be an emotional experience as I return to many places my parents spoke of as well as where I was born. I hope you enjoyed your return to the land of your birth. Let me know how you went. Lis Carlson. Love to hear from you.

    • Barbara Hill

      Hi Caroline,
      Hope you will get this post as it was written before your 2013 trip to Rotterdam. I, too, went back for a visit to Rotterdam in 2003 (actually two visits in rapid succession–at Easter vacation and summer). My grandparents’ house on Aleidisstraat was torn down for urban renewal. The school I went to there was directly behind the house. So many wonderful memories. Still looking for a recipe for crentenbollen (raisin bread type rolls). Hope you had a wonderful visit!

  22. Liza Webber

    Well, here is a change. I am an American and lived in Wassanaar and Brunssum for about 1 1/2 yrs a piece and didn’t want to come back to the States. We bought a house in Brunssum because we thought we would be there for about 10 years. However, my husband wanted to come home. I cried daily for about a year and considered the Netherlands my home. I love it. I loved the people, food, the easiness of life, and the safety. My neighbors were wonderful and would “shoo” my kids home when it was late. (We weren’t used to it being light for so long in the summer…lol) I began Dutch language classes right away and my 2 youngest became fluent in Dutch and German. I admit, I was a little jaded by some things, but I miss it so much and will go back one day. I love your country and miss it terribly.

    • gertie blair

      hi liza i am from brunssum woon in the usa for 46 years in pa elysburg love living here but love to go home and visit my husband is amarican but he loves brunssum like you do

    • Lis Carlson

      Hi Liza, It is so difficult when you are torn between two countries that are so far apart in distance. I was born in Maastricht, migrated to Australia and after 60 years returned to Netherlands for a visit. I felt so connected to the country with the foods and people and felt so sad to leave. I may never return and that makes me sad.
      Lis Carlson ( Vanderbroeck)

  23. corrinne gerrist

    Ik woon in England maar miss mij kleinzoon het meest. Dan de kinderend en dan…
    Limburges zuurvlees van paarden vlees mmmmm Pepernoten, patat frites, kroketen, Saucijzenbroodjes, Chocomelk, zuurkool met spek,ertwen soep..echt vlees het vlees in England is niet zo lekker als thuis.:-) ik ga geregeld naar huis en hoop binnen en paar jaar weer terug tegaan naar mijn thuis…Tis nergens zo gezellig als thuis…

    • corrinne gerrist


  24. D Brouwer

    OK many things have already been mentioned here.. And yes on many things I stock up (not frikandellen though, sadly they’ll thaw in the plane and I would be terrified going through customs!) But here’s my list… hagelslag, M&Ms, (seriously they taste differently in the US even though I’ve gotten used to it!), mars (nobody mentioned this before, really?!), drop (for my also Dutch husband), spekkies, satesaus, friet met mayo, kroketten, garnalenkroketten (I know I can make these and I do, but… there’s something to say to go to the cafe and get some on the go!), hachee, speculaas, tompoesen en bosche bollen and gewoon ‘iets’ voor bij de thee (also hele potten thee!), kaas… gewone normale lekkere kaas!!!, going by the baker, butcher shop and vegetable place to do my groceries, biking anywhere, stadten, it s just not the same… Hot cocoa, after you’ve biked in freezing rain, being home with my mom and dad and my brother and sister… Seeing all my Dutch friends, which are all life-long friends… Or going by to see my sister’s kids to just check in for 30 min or see my brother’s home… Sometimes I miss everything, even the busy street noise and the smell of the sugar beet factory!!!
    But then I realize that I can pee in every store here (because they actually have a restroom for customers!!), especially nice with kids, I can park almost anywhere and there’s room for my SUV, they know what customers service means and mostly will actually try to help (OMG!!!)… and that sometimes at night it’s actually quiet where I live. Also we live in a home that’s detached from all sides and it was affordable (also only a couple of blocks away from the ocean)!. And living is affordable… so… I miss a lot, but sometimes it also makes me appreciate things that I otherwise would have never known to be appreciable.

    • Hendrik de Jong

      Hi, I miss frikadellen , or as the Dutch persist saying: frikandellen too. But believe it or not: there are real recipes for the as online. Some are horrible, some are good, but you if you practice, they taste as good as from the proper snack bar. I love them “speciaal”, with the onions and mayo and (curry)ketchup, but also with pindasaus.

    • I know exactly how you feel! You can buy a lot of Nederlandse products online! I buy drop from Cost Plus Imports, along with Hagelslag, stroopwafels, etc. I make my own kroketjes and bitterballen, and oliebollen met Oud en Nieuw. I miss hearing and speaking Dutch. Unfortunately I’m married to a boring American, lol. All he does is watch baseball and American football, which I hate with a passion. I blame the damn sports for us moving back here. Ugh. I buy imported Nederlandse Goudse kaas from Costco. It costs less here than in Holland. A lot of things are easier here, like parking, etc, but gezelligheid is so important, and I can’t find it here. It’s so hard to make friends here, people are so different in mentality. Both my parents have passed away in the last few years in Holland (Bussum).

      • It’s a whole different way of life here. Pros and cons to living everywhere but I sure do miss life in Holland…

  25. Ellen

    For all of you that miss ontbijtkoek, gehaktballen, bossebollen, tompoezen and more….
    Here is an Awesome website. http://www.thedutchtable.com
    You will find it om te watertanden!

    The season is here for hutspot, boerenkool stampot, snert en speculaas.

    I have been in the USA for 17 years and had to replace many things in order to maintain some of the traditional things we all hold so dear.

    I live in marion iowa which is next to cedar rapids. Now that i have no more family it is even important to find recipes and ways to keep gezeligheid going. An homemade tompoes bij de koffie of lekkere hachee met gekookte aardappeltjes en groene boontjes voor het avond eten…..mmmmmmm…de geur in huis alleen al.

    I don’t miss holland except for riding my bicycle and the gezelligheid that went away in a very difficult period were i lost my family but everything else….well, i found substitutes and new ways. I hope you can too.



  26. Lisette Marks

    Oh and I miss patat frites, kroketen, Saucijzenbroodjes, Chocomelk, riding my bicycle langs de haven in Vlaardingen, the easy transportation en Suske en Wiske! Sorry for the typos in my previous post!

    • maria bryan

      Hallo Lisette, Ik ben maria,en geboren in Vlaardingen .Mijn oma woonde in de Rijke straat. Ik woon nu in Nebraska. O, een lekkere kroket wat heerlijk. ik miss het ook.

      • Hendrik de Jong

        Maria, ik kom ook uit Vlaardingen. Ben al sinds’96 in London.

      • Petra

        Hallo Maria, ook ik ben geboren in Vlaardingen en ook mijn Oma woonde in de Rijkestraat in een huis wat later een bistro werd. Nu woon ik in Australia. Een van de dingen die ik mis is de Hema en bonbons.

  27. Lisette Marks

    I live in Seattle with my American husband where we are close to Canada and have access to Dutch food We just came back from our trip to Holland (Delft) in April for my Birthday on the last Queens day we will have since we now have king and got to see my aunt cousins and old family friend! I miss it so much and really want to move there even though I only lived there for 6 months as a child and used to go in holiday to see my Oma and Opa when they were still alive. Life is simpler but like the gentleman above mentioned U too am scared of making living there sound better than it is. Does anyone have any feedback on that? Dank je wel πŸ™‚ Feel free to respond in Dutch πŸ™‚

  28. Johanna Bernard

    Ik mis Holland zoals Holland is, lekker bij elkaar op de koffie , even binnenvallen. Eventjes gauw met de bus, alles is zo dichtbij, bakker en slager om de hoek. Maar ik ben ook nuchter genoeg om te weten dat het zo allemaal niet meer is als ik het mij herinner. Het is nu dichter bepakt met mensen, drukker, voller, alle nationaliteiten, het echte hollands gaat langzaamaan achteruit. Dat hollandse intieme is niet meer zoals ik het herinner. Maar ik ben ook al weer veertig jaar in Canada. En ben blij dat ik hier ben neergestroken, meer kansen voor m’n kinderen, meer ruimte. Toch kan ik ook zulke verlangens hebben als jullie allemaal hebben weergegeven. Maar het is allemaal aan ‘t veranderen, niets blijft hetzelfde, en daar heb ik heimwee naar. Vroeger!! Het leven liep langzamer, het komt nooit terug.

    • Het is zo jammer hoe Nederland veranderd is, en niet voor het betere 😦

    • gertie blair

      yes you are so write johanne i veel the same we have bin home n holland many a times and everything hase changed but it still is nice to visit

  29. ellen terwilleger

    where did you find a find this ?

  30. Peter klarenbeek

    I miss. Lots of things but boy I’d have to eat them in moderation , and I was only looking for a loempia recipe,and found much more I enjoyed reading lots of memmories.

  31. Maria

    I miss my family (of course), ice skating on canals/sailing on the lakes and of course hagelslag and drop etc, but luckily I go to the Netherlands regularly to stock up. I’ve been living in London for over 13 years and cycle to work most of the time, which still shocks my colleagues :-). It is time for Londoners to realise cycling is there to stay!!

  32. Stephanie

    Everyone here has given great responses! I miss everything from Hagelslag to sauzijsenbroodjes. I miss riding my bike on Het Zwarte Pad in Amstelveen. I miss Het Amsterdamse Bos, and the lazy days at the lake, the canoe rides. I miss strolling around Amsterdam very much, I love the hustle and bustle of the city. I miss being able to hop on the bus around the corner and get just about everywhere. I miss the smell of the Groente Winkel, de Slager, even de Bloemen winkel. I miss being close to the beach no matter where you are. We often went to Callantsoog, and climbing the steep dunes, for what then felt like an eternity, only to get hit with that salty sea smell… unforgettable, and biggest reason of homesickness. I’ve lived in the states for almost ten years now, and my homesickness is not getting any better, it’s getting worse by the day. I miss home, but am too scared of my romanticizing home to attempt to go back home.

  33. Diane Moore-van Schaik

    I really miss biking in Het Gooi. We used to live in Bussum. When our children were small we would bike from Bussum to the Vuursche Boer, a very well known Pannekoekenhuis in Lage Vuursche. The bike ride took about 45 minutes one way, through the hei and woods. We did it no matter how bad the weather was. It was especially nice in the cold winter months. We would soon be nice and warm from biking, and the pancakes tasted even better after biking in the freezing cold! I miss visiting my Oma and Opa when they were alive in Amsterdam, and my Mom’s family in Eindhoven, where she was born. I miss the gezellligheid, the simple things, like having a cup of tea with cookies or gebak at a relative or neighbor’s house. Holland is home… I’ve been living in Arizona for years, I like it here, but I only feel “at home” when I’m flying into Schiphol and the plane lands… my heart is in Holland.

    • jill

      I am half Scottish and half English and have lived in England for 69 years I have been visiting the N’lands since 1964 and can think of nowhere that I would like to live more.I love the freedom,the emphasis on tradition and family life values and healthy aspects of living there but I have to admit Iam a bit wary because I think the use of local anaesthetics is not so widespread ! my love to all you Dutch people reading this

  34. Ron

    Drop, stroopwafels en Sambal Oelek kun je hier in de USA wel vinden. Kroketten en bitterballen kan ik zelf maken. Het is me nooit gelukt om goede fricandellen te bereiden. Heeft iemand nog suggesties?

    Drop, stroopwafels and Sambal Oelek I can find in stores in the US. Kroketten en bitterballen I’m able to prepare myself. I’ve never managed to prepare fricandellen worth the name.. Suggestions anyone?

    Hmm haring…keep on dreaming…drooling…watertanden.

    • Johanna Bernard

      I understand how hard it is. I make bitterballen die zijn zo veel meer gemakkelijk, got tired of all the work ivm kroketten.
      Ik heb een recept voor fricandellen:1/2 pond tartaar, 1 1/2 pond aardappels, bouillon poeder, nootmuskaat, 1 peper, 1 ui, zout, 3 eieren en 3 eetl.paneermeel. Dit recept kreeg ik maar heb het zelf nog niet gemaakt. Probeer het eens?
      Haring is uit, maar ik heb een zalige pickeled haring gevonden in een grote jar, het heet Feature foods (herring fillets) uit Brampton, Canada.
      Hebben jullie ook Hollandse winkeltjes? Dat ligt waarschijnlijk aan hoeveel Nederlanders in die omgeving wonen he?

      • Elischewah (Ellen)

        Dank je wel voor het recept.

        Ik gebruik http://www.thedutchtable.com recepten veel ze zijn erg goed. Inclusief kroketten!

        Geen Nederlandse winkels in Iowa. Pella is anderhalf tot twee uur rijden. Die hebben een bakker. Eigenlijk niet waard om zo ver te rijden alleen voor krentebollen. MAAAR als ik daar in de buurt ben bestel ik er een hondered en doe die dan lekker in de diepvries.
        Zaterdag ochtend voor ontbijt met koffie en goudse kaas. Lekkkerrrr!

        Verder groei ik al mijn groente in de tuin. Volgend jaar wil ik knolselderij groeien want hier zijn het zielige kleintjes in de supermarkt ( als ze die uberhaupt hebben)
        En ook nog schorsenieren. met gebakken kabeljou en een parmesaans sausje.
        Ok, nu ga ik zitten kwijlen. πŸ™‚
        Heb net rode kool met appeltjes gemaakt. Vanavond met appelmoes, gekookte aardappelen en een gehaktbal.

        Voor de gene die poffertjes willen. Ik gebruik een spuitflesje en maak dan kleine pannekoekjes. Op die manier heb ik kunnen toch nog kunnen maken totdat ik een poffertjepan kocht bij van der Veen. Een online Hollandse winkel.

        Hier in Iow begint het al Sinterklaas weer te worden.
        Hou het allemaal lekker warm.



    • Elischewah

      Hopelijk vindt je dit ook wel wat. Zelf frikandelen maken is een behoorlijk werk aangezien het gekookt gemalen vlees is en dat gefrituurd. Het dichst bij wat ik heb gevonden zonder al het werk is prepared meatballs. Gewoon zo’n zak bij Walmart. Het zijn dan wel geen worsten maar balletjes. Maar goed, dat mag de pret niet deren. Dan mayo, gehakte uitjes en dan een mix van ketchup met appelmoes en kruiden (wat je lekker vind en hoe pittig je het vindt).


  35. Veronica

    I miss croquetten too but no one has mentioned my other two favorites – poffertjes en sausijzen broodjes. Not to mention hazelnoot gebak!

  36. Ella Boon

    Gezelligheid met de familieop verjaardagen! De visboer die langs komt met zijn kar….Wijk aan Zee strand en patat met! Dropjes, vla, troopwafels….Marktdag….

  37. Wilhelmina

    I miss “gezelligheid”

    • Elischewah (Ellen)

      Indeed, It is just the two of us and no more family which makes the “gezelligheid” something that we work hard to maintain.
      For example, we watch old Wim Kan conferences or other oudejaars avond conferences on New Years eve. Many are available on YouTube.
      Also the New Years concert.
      Koffie en gebak erbij and that makes us feel a little “gezelligheid” again.

      Please, share the things you all do in order to have “gezelligheid” so that we all can have that too.

  38. Karin

    Ik kom van de Veluwe en woon in Istanbul. Ik mis de geur van de bomen en de grond het meeste, vooral na een regenbui. Ook mis ik het fietsen en de stilte in de morgen.

  39. Mark

    This brings back so many memories. We miss Vla with Advocaat. Also Stroopwaffles from a street vendor while still warm.

    • Anny Kraal

      If you live in Australia or come to visit: we bake fresh stroopwafels on weekends at a stall in Montville on the Sunshine Coast.

  40. Erwin Ketel

    I live in Kenya East Africa and we just make the above ourselves, like kroketten – bami en nasi ballen – frikandellen – kaas soufles enzovoort … check the net on the various recepies … and get into the kitchen. Erwin Ketel…

  41. annestee

    I miss zoute haring they try to sell them here in Australia but are too salty nothing like the real thing

  42. CJ Brunton

    I married a half dutch man and often visit his parents who retired to holland. As a family we love all the foods and the Dutch people.

  43. marjanne de vroede

    gerookte haring, schaatsen en gebakken scholletjes op het strand in zandvoort

    • annestee

      Definitely genial ken scholletjes en schelvis

  44. novita is gelukkig

    I lived in Holland for 11 years , what I missed is ” ome jan” song in RTL 4
    en ijs Marinello in The Hague during summer wheather , are they still happening there ?

  45. ellen

    any dutch people living in KY ????????????????????????????????

    • Robrecht

      Yes, are you near Elizabethtown or Bardstown, both relatively healthy dutch communities… My mother is Flemish and shes is E’town, which is quite common.

    • Wilhelmina Ausems-Ziel

      My sister and her American husband live in Cynthiana. This is near Lexington.

  46. Trudy Knoop-Corriveau

    Ik mis Oliebollen en appelflappen heel erg, en natuurlijk al die toetjes die al noteerd zijn van iedereen…en wat denk je van Tompoezen..hmmm Heerlijk!

    • caroline grove

      yes I miss those things too and I left Holland when I was 12 and I just had my 63rd birthday, and after 50 yrs of never going back I absolutely have to go for a visit before it is too late.

      • Els Vermaas

        I have the same feeling Caroline – just had my 64th birthday, and came here with my family when I was 4years old. I still have lots of items and food which are Dutch such as “ouwe wetse” china from Brabant. Tomorrow here in Australia we celebrate the first “Koningsdag” with a group of Nederlanders.
        Ik wil iets koken dat is lekker Nederlands – Ja, Arretjescake, kroquetten, wafels met schokolade stroop, of iets met kaas, ham, hagelslag….daar zijn zo veel dingen…..appelstroop dat ik niet meer kan krijgen! Lekkere kaas van Maasdam kan ik nog krijgen hier…..
        I miss the laughter and humour, comedy of the Dutch people in everyday situations!

  47. ellen

    what I miss most are the crocetten, roggebrood en oud belegen kaas.

  48. Anja de Vries


  49. Alie

    I have lived in UK for 35 years (I married an Englishman) and used to miss ‘stroopwafels’ and ‘knabbelnootjes’, but you can get them here now! When we go to Holland we always try to have some ‘poffertjes’. I do miss being able to bike anywhere. Not many cycle paths here.

  50. Jay

    Chips with mayo!

    • Herbie Rijndorp

      Patat met pinda sauce (chips with satay sauce

    • annestee

      Oh yes yum!!

    • caroline grove

      I still eat my French Fries with mayo, even though I left Holland 50 yrs ago.

  51. Katie

    Dutch pancakes are the best! I even prefer them to crepes. I love them with bacon and syrup. Yum!

  52. Debbie

    Has anyone tried Sambal? It’s a really spicy sauce that you can buy in Holland …it’s really good in pasta sauces and I even use it in Indian cooking, although I think it’s Indonesian.

    • Herbie Rijndorp

      Sambal Oelek – the hottest
      Sambal Manis – fired sambal, a bir milder. Lovely (lekker) on cheese
      Sambal Roedjak manis – a more liquid and sweet sambal. Great as a sauce on fruit

    • Trudy Knoop-Corriveau

      I Love Sambal Oelek and many of the others. You can order it online. I don’t remember the company but just Google it and you’ll find it. In the past my family would bring Jars full of a variety of flavors. So delicious! I’ve used it on my sandwiches and in soups. I’m all out and will order some again soon! Some of the companies also sell Droste cacoa and Knorr Soups, ect….I’m getting hungry already, Ha!
      Stroopwafels are also available there, which is something my kids always ask for when I make a trip to Holland. Hagelslag & Muisjes are also their favorites. I miss Beschuit a lot. We used to prepare some for our parents on Sunday morning with a “Kopje Thee” (cup of tea)…mmmmm…Lekker!

      • Barbara Hill

        Hi Trudy,
        This is probably not you, but just on the off-chance I thought I’d write. I was friends with a girl named Trudy in Hoboken who came to my school. As I was the only Dutch-speaking child in the class we became friends, as did our families. Later we lost track of each other.

    • annestee

      Yes use it still Sambal Oelek and Zi do believe its Indonesian

    • Yolanda

      I just made my own Sambal…plenty of recepies on the internet…and also available in “Mi Pueblo” ….good luck

  53. John

    I lived in Amsterdam for 5 years and I miss commuting to work by bike ;0) I now work in London and I have to take the train which is horrible in the summer. Cycling along the Amstel was a great start to the day.

    • Claire

      I miss my ‘Oma fiets’ too – beats the tube anyday!

      • Belle

        There are a few Dutch bike suppliers in the UK ….many stock Oma fiets and even bakfiets :0)

  54. Sarah

    I miss Hagelslag a lot – although I don’t eat in in the typical Dutch way….I prefer mine sprinkled over peanut butter on toast or as a sweet addition to natural yoghurt….lekker!

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