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The tastiest dishes using Dutch preserved meats

Visitors to the Netherlands are often struck by the impressive selection of canned meats available in Dutch supermarkets. But how do the Dutch enjoy their favourite tinned meat products? Below … Continue reading

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3 delicious Dutch apple syrup recipes

The majority of Dutch people smear appelstroop (apple syrup) liberally onto bread or pancakes. But did you know that Dutch apple syrup can also be used as an additional ingredient … Continue reading

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Preischotel (leek and potato bake)

It’s prime leek season in the Netherlands – which means that it’s time for a delicious leek and potato bake made with authentic Dutch cheese!

31/08/2015 · 1 Comment

Back to school in the Netherlands

If you’ve visited the Netherlands in late August, you’ll no doubt have noticed the countless posters and banners proclaiming: ‘De scholen zijn weer begonnen’ (which roughly translates as ‘Back to … Continue reading

28/08/2015 · 4 Comments

5 typically Dutch 5-minute meals

Neither the time nor the inclination to spend hours slaving over a hot stove? Then try these five typically Dutch 5-minute meals … delicious, quick to prepare, and quintessentially Dutch!

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Glutenvrije Hollandse pannenkoeken (gluten-free Dutch pancakes)

The majority of Dutch pancakes contain gluten. Following a gluten free diet and don’t want to give up one of your favourite Dutch treats? Then these yummy Dutch pancakes, prepared … Continue reading

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Dutch bike culture promotes higher life expectancy

The Netherlands is a world-renowned nation of cyclists – but did you know that their penchant for cycling also helps Dutch people to live longer? Time to get on your … Continue reading

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