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Dutch Language Courses

Fancy tackling the formidable Dutch language?

Now you can get free, online help and learn Dutch in the comfort of your own home, via a number of handy websites!

Dutch for Beginners
Provides a basic intro to the Dutch language.

Dutch for Travellers
A Dutch language guide that includes help on pronunciation, useful phrases and grammar.

Dutch Grammar
A comprehensive guide to Dutch grammar including spelling, pronunciation, verbs, pronouns, nouns and articles, word order, sound files and exercises.

Dutch Today
Designed to exercise and improve your Dutch language skills using a variety of exercises and tutorials.

Elanguage School
Includes Dutch grammar, vocabulary, phrases and free videos

Includes Dutch grammar, phrases, pronunciation, vocabulary and podcasts.

Laura Speaks Dutch
Features a number of podcasts that not only help you learn Dutch, but also provide an insight to the Netherlands.

Learn Dutch
Contains a number of lessons, each including grammar and a short text. Lessons are accompanied by MP3 files that can be downloaded to practice and improve speaking and listening skills.

Covers basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation rules and includes a number of online exercises and tests.

Valley Trail Dutch Language Courses
Includes both a beginners and an intermediate level Dutch course.

Wiki Books Dutch
A comprehensive Dutch language course from Wikibooks.

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