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Public transport in the Netherlands: punctual and efficient, but rather complicated!

The Dutch simply love to grumble about their public transport system, especially the overcrowded trains, delays and seemingly ever increasing fares. Yet in reality they have very little to complain … Continue reading

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Exporting your Dutch car abroad

Have you become so attached to your Dutch car that you prefer to take it with you upon leaving the Netherlands? Although feasible, this does require a certain degree of … Continue reading

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Top 5 employers in the Netherlands

Planning to emigrate to the Netherlands or perhaps work there as an expat? Then check out the top 5 Dutch employers – each renowned for their excellence in creativity, innovation, … Continue reading

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Frequently asked questions about emigration

Planning your emigration is no mean feat: indeed, you’ll need to arrange your move, locate a home, find a job or start your own business, make new friends and much, … Continue reading

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Top 11 Dutch universities

Everyone’s heard of world famous universities, such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Princeton. However, if you’re hoping to study at one of these top academic institutions you’ll not only require … Continue reading

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Conserverende aanslag – what is it and what does it mean for you?

The ‘conserverende aanslag’ or ‘protective assessment’ may apply to anyone who’s ever lived in the Netherlands, even for only a year – but what exactly is it, and what does … Continue reading

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14 new road signs in the Netherlands from 1st January 2015

That the Dutch street scene is constantly changing is a phenomenon that full time residents rarely notice. In fact, it’s only when you’ve emigrated and return to the Netherlands for … Continue reading

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