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The preferred dishes of the Dutch rich and famous

Ever wondered what Queen Máxima’s favourite meal is? Curious as to what makes Dutch folk singer, Frans Bauer, lick his lips in anticipation? Or perhaps you’d like to know what … Continue reading

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‘Koningsontbijt’ in the Netherlands – a right royal breakfast in honour of King’s Day!

On 24th April Dutch children up and down the country will once again take part in the ‘Koningsspelen’ (The King’s Games) – a colourful sporting event for all primary school … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about the Dutch national anthem

The majority of Dutch people are at least familiar with the melody of ‘Het Wilhelmus’ – the Dutch national anthem. However, whilst most can sing the first few words, many … Continue reading

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Top 5 most famous Dutch people

Many Dutch living abroad become somewhat out of touch with who’s “hot & happening” in the Netherlands. But, who can blame them when most BN-ers (short for “Bekende Nederlanders”, which … Continue reading

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The many faces of Princess Beatrix … now showing at the Havixhorst Sculpture Park!

No Dutch woman has been portrayed quite so often as Princess Beatrix. Throughout her entire life and particularly during her reign as Dutch queen, countless bronze, stone, glass and ceramic … Continue reading

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Tips for celebrating a successful Dutch King’s Day abroad

The preparations for the very first King’s Day celebrations are already in full swing in the Netherlands. However, even if you happen to live abroad you can still make the … Continue reading

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The history of hagelslag

There’s a typical Dutch sandwich topping that can only to be found in the Netherlands, Belgium and some of the former Dutch colonies – hagelslag, those deliciously sweet sprinkles that … Continue reading

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