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The history of Dutch tea

Love a cup of tea? Then you’re not alone – tea has remained a popular drink in China for thousands of years, and today the Dutch simply cannot live without … Continue reading

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From AP to Lelytown: Dutch cities and their nicknames

You’ve likely heard of Mokum and Rotjeknor, but did you know that many other Dutch cities also boast a nickname? We’ve listed some of the most eye-catching below.

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3 weird and wonderful visitor attractions in the Netherlands

Currently visiting or living in the Netherlands and think you’ve exhausted all of the fine sights that this small country has to offer? Then think again – the three weird … Continue reading

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Public transport in the Netherlands: punctual and efficient, but rather complicated!

The Dutch simply love to grumble about their public transport system, especially the overcrowded trains, delays and seemingly ever increasing fares. Yet in reality they have very little to complain … Continue reading

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Top 10 most popular Dutch tile sayings

Several decades ago, Dutch tegelspreuken (tiles displaying famous Dutch proverbs and sayings) were the epitome of bad taste. However, that has now changed and these fun wall decorations are currently … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about Dutch clogs

Some foreigners still believe that Dutch people walk around in wooden clogs all day long. Yet, save for a few farmers and road workers, the majority of people in the Netherlands … Continue reading

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The history of Dutch supermarkets

Today supermarkets are an intrinsic part of modern daily life – those vast stores through which we steer our shopping trolley, carefully choosing from a mind-boggling variety of grocery products … Continue reading

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