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For many Dutch people and tourists Hoorn is just a small city located in West-Friesland in the north of the province North-Holland. Hoorn has 72.200 inhabitants(2016) and is easily accessible by car from the highway (A7) or by train (35 minutes from Amsterdam).

Hoorn is a city with history, it has grown fast in what we call the ‘Gold’ century during the VOC period(1622), In that period Hoorn was located at the Zuiderzee(sea) which is now divided into 2 lakes the Markermeer and Ijsselmeer. Because of the rich history of Hoorn it has an ‘old’ city centre with great sights.

If you’re visiting Hoorn there are a few recommendations that you should have visited.

  1. The West-Fries Museum:
    In 27 different chambers you really learn all about the rich history of West-Friesland and Hoorn.
  2. The lively harbour with sights from the rich VOC past:
    Currently there is in the port of Hoorn is a replica of the VOC ship ‘De Halve Maen’ to the year 1609. This ship has become known worldwide as the ship that has founded the colony of ‘New Netherlands’ what we know now as New York. This ship has become a symbol of the Dutch contribution to the American history.

    3. The shopping street ‘Grote Noord’ and the square called “Rode Steen” are the most visited places of Hoorn. Grote Noord is the shopping area and also is one of the oldest streets (14th century) of Hoorn and has a varied range of shops. At the end of this lively shopping square is the Rode Steen located. On this square you can admire several medieval buildings include the West-Fries Museum, De Waag (1609) and in the middle of the square a statue of former VOC employee Jan Pieterszoon Coen.


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