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Dutch bike culture promotes higher life expectancy

The Netherlands is a world-renowned nation of cyclists – but did you know that their penchant for cycling also helps Dutch people to live longer? Time to get on your proverbial bike then, regardless of whether you live in the low lands or not!

Dutch bike culture

Cyclists live longer

That exercise is healthy is nothing new. Yet, the full extent of the health benefits associated with that famous Dutch bike culture have only recently come to light. Indeed Dutch researchers at the Healthy Urban Living Program at Utrecht University have now revealed that those Dutch who clock up 75 cycling minutes per week, live half a year longer on average than those who don’t. This startling conclusion was the result of a thorough analysis of data collected from the World Health Organization (WHO), statistics from the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) and the surveys of some 50,000 Dutch citizens. In addition, the researchers also discovered that cycling prevents some 6,500 deaths each year in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands – an international benchmark

According to the report, cycling not only offers a wealth of health benefits – the scientists involved in the research also stress that a thriving bike culture presents many additional advantages, such as improved air quality and less traffic pressure on the road network. Furthermore, the research team suggests that its impressive cycling statistics make the Netherlands an effective benchmark for the rest of the world, where nowhere else is pedal power taken quite so seriously.

Planning to introduce your little ones to the celebrated Dutch bike culture? Pique their interest with the much-loved Dutch children’s story, Miffy Rides Her Bike by Dick Bruna, or make cycling extra fun with this cheerful Dutch cycle bag … perfect for your next family trip to a Dutch supermarket!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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