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AGV’tje – the most popular Dutch meal!

Heard of an AGV’tje? No? Well, it’s an abbreviation for an old-fashioned Dutch meal that combines Aardappelen (potatoes), Groente (vegetables) and Vlees (meat). These so-called AGV’tjes remain extremely popular in the Netherlands – indeed, a recently conducted survey by famous food manufacturer, Maggi, revealed that half of all Dutch people still favour a ‘traditional Dutch dish’ (consisting of a piece of meat, potatoes, and a serving of vegetables) above all others.

Typical Dutch food

Favourite AGV’tjes

AGV’tjes are certainly much loved by the Dutch … and, according to the Maggi representative, have remained so for around 120 years. Yet, the results of the food manufacturer’s survey also suggest that not all potato-vegetable-meat combos are equal in the eye of the Dutch consumer. In fact, the Dutch appear to prefer an AGV’tje consisting of chicken, green beans and potatoes. Furthermore, an increasing number of Dutch are opting for convenience foods, such as ready-made potatoes and pre-seasoned meat, meaning they need spend less time in the kitchen.

Why is the AGV’tje so popular?

The research indicates that the key reason the majority of Dutch consumers continue to choose for an AGV type meal, is that traditional Dutch fare not only tastes better; it’s also much easier to prepare. Other incentives are that AGV’tjes are generally more filling and usually contain a generous portion of vegetables. So… it’s clearly ‘hats off’ to the typical Dutch AGV’tje!

Examples of typical Dutch AGV’tjes

Fancy rustling up a typical Dutch AGV’tje and are searching for inspiration? Then try one of the delicious Dutch AGV meal combinations below:

  1. Baked potato, green beans, Maggi Steam Roast Paprika Chicken
  2. New potatoes, garden peas, Dutch meatballs
  3. New potatoes, chopped spinach, Dutch pork belly
  4. New potatoes, red cabbage, Dutch beef stew
  5. Baked potato, garden peas and baby carrots, pork tenderloin with mustard sauce

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

One comment on “AGV’tje – the most popular Dutch meal!

  1. Jackie

    Sounds like the Dutch AGV’ influenced more than the Netherlands- this meal is the stereotypic meal in a large number of American households! FYI- love this blog.

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