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Top 5 typical Dutch crisps and snacks

Planning on throwing a party and fancy lending your celebrations a typical Dutch twist? Then why not serve a tempting selection of favoured Dutch crisps and other savoury snacks?

typical Dutch crisps and snacks

1. Paprika crisps

There’s one flavour of crisps that’s virtually impossible to source outside of the Netherlands – paprika crisps. These particularly moreish potato crisps, which are seasoned using paprika powder and instantly recognisable from their dark blue bag, are available in several different varieties in Holland. For the traditional paprika crisp lover, there’s the tried and trusted ‘standard’ Lays Paprika Crisps, whilst those who prefer their paprika crisps with added bite, can alternatively choose from the deliciously ridged Lays Super Chips Paprika or Lays The Oven Paprika. Those watching their weight are also well catered for with Lays Crisps Light Paprika, which contain 33% less fat than ordinary crisps. And, these days you can even plump for gluten-free Amaizin Organic Corn Chips Paprika.

2. Wokkels

Smiths Wokkels are yummy, spiral-shaped savoury snacks that have remained exceptionally popular in the Netherlands for decades. Just like crisps, Wokkels are made from potatoes, and are available in both ready-salted and paprika flavour. Perhaps unsurprisingly, paprika is the Dutch Wokkel flavour of choice!

3. Borrelnootjes

Borrelnootjes was the brand name for a range of cocktail nuts first launched by Calvé. However, in 1996 the Dutch company sold its brand name and recipe to its competitor, Duyvis, who are today famous in the Netherlands for their catchy advertising slogan: “Duyvis, voor als er een fuif is” (which roughly translates as “Duyvis, for parties”). Borrelnootjes are essentially peanuts encased in a crunchy layer of starch that contains a tasty blend of herbs and garlic. Duyvis Borrelnootjes are available in a selection of flavours, including Cocktail and Poesta. Meanwhile, Duyvis Knabbel Nuts (with Provencal herbs) and Duyvis Tiger Nuts (bacon and cheese flavour), which are extremely similar to borrelnootjes, are also a sought after party snack in the Netherlands.

4. Hamka’s

Smiths Hamka’s are made from a mixture of corn and wheat, and boast a characteristic diamond shape. And, their tempting ham and cheese flavour make this typical Dutch savoury snack almost impossible to resist – no wonder Smith’s Hamka’s have been a firm favourite with both young and old for generations!

5. Bugles

Smiths Bugles are crunchy cone-shaped snacks made from corn, which can optionally be crammed with your choice of filling, such as cream cheese, alpine herb cheese or guacamole. Smiths Bugles are available in three exciting flavours: Plain, Nacho Cheese and Sweet Chilli. Yum!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.


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