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Cola – the most popular soft drink in the Netherlands

If you were to believe the typical Dutch stereotype, then milk or karnemelk (buttermilk) would easily be the most popular drinks in the Netherlands. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth – indeed, the latest research has revealed that almost 96 percent of Dutch people regularly consume soft drinks, with nearly 50 percent enjoying such a beverage five or more days each week.

Most popular soft drinks in the Netherlands

Top 5 soft drinks in the Netherlands

The Nederlandse Vereniging Frisdranken, Waters, Sappen (FWS) (the Dutch Association of Soft Drinks, Water & Juices) recently conducted a survey among more than 1,000 Dutch consumers. The results were surprising – more than one third of all Dutch citizens enjoy a soft drink every day, with an average of three each drinks per day. You might think that they would favour traditional Dutch soft drinks, such as Hero Cassis, however, the majority of Dutch soft drink consumers opt for cola. Interestingly, Dutch men are inclined to choose regular cola, whilst Dutch women typically plump for Cola Light. Another favoured soft drink in the Netherlands is sparkling iced tea, which is also available in a low-calorie iced tea light variety. And, the aforementioned Hero Cassis – a delicious, fruit flavoured drink made from fresh blackberries – still earns a respectable fifth place in the top 5 Dutch soft drinks list.

In addition to soft drinks, the Dutch indulge in many other types of beverages, including hot drinks (e.g. tea and coffee), water and juices. Dairy drinks, such as milk and buttermilk, are also regularly consumed, despite failing to make it into the top 5 most popular drinks in the Netherlands.

A dream drink with a Dutch celebrity!

Incidentally, soft drink preferences in the Netherlands appear to depend on where the drink is being consumed. When at home in front of the box for example, Dutch people tend to prefer Cola or Diet Cola, whilst outside on their favourite terrace, they’ll usually order an iced tea.

Finally, the survey participants were asked with which famous Dutch celebrity they’d most like to enjoy their fresh drink. Chantal Janzen was the clear winner, with no less than 41% of all respondents naming this much-loved Dutch actress, musical star and TV presenter. Dutch supermodel, Doutzen Kroes (28%), and actor, singer, DJ, TV producer and entrepreneur, Johnny de Mol (26%), were also in high demand.

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One comment on “Cola – the most popular soft drink in the Netherlands

  1. Maybe Cola is considered the most popular drink in the WORLD! But I like TYonic Water better 🙂

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