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The most delicious Dutch party snacks with cheese

Fancy serving something typically Dutch at your next party or social event? Then treat your guests to these delicious Dutch snacks showcasing authentic Dutch cheese.

Dutch cheese recipes

Dutch cheese recipes

Kaasblokjes (cheese cubes)

Arguably the most popular Dutch party snack is hearty chunks of cheese served on a wooden cutting board. It’s also pleasingly easy to prepare! Choose for a genuine Dutch cheese with a powerful flavour, such as the artisanal Beemster Exclusive Extra Mature Cheese or the wonderfully pungent Ouwe Jongens Aged Cheese. Alternatively, why not surprise your guests with a uniquely flavoured Dutch cheese, such as Landana Walnut Cheese or Landana Olive Tomato Cheese?

Prikkertjes met kaas, gember en roggebrood (cocktail sticks with cheese, ginger and rye bread)

First cut your choice of Dutch cheese (e.g. Beemster 30+ Semi Mature) into cubes and cut the rye bread into small squares. Next coat the slices of rye bread generously with De Traay Honey Topping Apricot Ginger and then fasten the slices of rye bread and cheese cubes together using a cocktail stick. In lieu of a topping, use ginger balls instead – in this case, simply cut the ginger into quarters and then arrange between the slices of rye bread and cubes of cheese.

Kruidige kaaswraps met zalm (cheese and herb wraps with salmon)

First cut some hearty slices of tangy Dutch cheese (e.g. Boer ’n Trots Aged Cheese) using a traditional Dutch cheese slicer. Next lightly coat each slice of cheese with a layer of Danish Chef Alpine Herbs and then top with a thin slice of wild red salmon. Finally, roll up the cheese, cut in half and then pin together using a cocktail stick.

Prikkertjes met kaas, zilveruitjes en augurken (cocktail sticks with cheese, silver skin onions and gherkins)

Cut your favourite Dutch cheese (e.g. Old Amsterdam) into cubes and drain both the silver skin onions and the pickled gherkins. Next thread an onion, followed by a gherkin and then finally a cube of cheese, onto a cocktail stick and repeat this process until you’ve used all of the remaining cheese.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.


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