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The 3 most popular Dutch summer soups

There’s nothing more delicious than a freshly prepared bowl of homemade soup – except, of course, for a bowl of authentic Dutch soup! To learn more about the three most popular summer soups in the Netherlands, then read on!

Dutch summer soups

Soup varieties

Soup is enjoyed the world over, not only as a starter, but often as a main course or snack too. Certain types of soup, such as gazpacho (Spain) and Cock-a-leekie (Scotland) are country- or region-specific and thus not always easy to come by elsewhere. And although some varieties of soup, such as tomato soup, are indeed widely available, their flavour tends to differ per country.

Top 3 Dutch summer soups

1. Tomatensoep (Dutch tomato Soup)

The most popular soup in the Netherlands is undoubtedly tomato soup – a vibrantly red, indulgently creamy, slightly sweet soup that’s best enjoyed as a starter or a snack. The main difference between Dutch tomato soup and tomato soup from other countries, is that the Dutch variety contains meatballs, which makes it infinitely more filling and flavoursome. In the Netherlands, Unox Tomato Soup and Unox Hearty Tomato Soup are among the best-loved.

2. Kippensoep (Dutch chicken soup)

Chicken soup earns a well-deserved second place in the top 3 Dutch soups. Unlike the creamy chicken soup that’s available abroad, Dutch chicken soup is instead clear and contains noodles in addition to chunks of chicken. On particularly warm days the Dutch will choose chicken soup over tomato and, as it’s easy to digest, contains plenty of salt and helps to increase hydration, it is also frequently given to hospital patients. One of the most famous brands of ready made chicken soup in the Netherlands is Unox Chicken Soup (also available in a pack or bag). You can now rustle up an authentic Dutch chicken soup at home, with the help of a handy Honig Chicken Soup mix or a jar of Maggi Chicken Soup Base, for example.

3. Champignonsoep (Dutch mushroom soup)

Dutch mushroom soup is an irresistibly rich and creamy soup that’s especially sought after during the winter months. It boasts a subtly sweet flavour and is crammed with mushrooms and diced ham. Whilst Dutch mushroom soup is typically served on a cold autumnal or winter day as a starter, it also makes an ideal main course or snack between meals on a hot summer’s day. One of the best-loved mushroom soups in the Netherlands is Unox Hearty Mushroom Soup.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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