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Make the most of summer with typical Dutch board games!

If there’s one thing that most parents dread, it’s their children getting bored during the long summer holidays, especially when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Unfortunately the majority of parents simply cannot afford to whisk their kids off to exotic climes for between six and eight weeks, and exciting day trips often prove expensive. Happily there is a fun solution: typical Dutch board games!

Traditional Dutch board games

These days it can be difficult to drag your children away from their tablets and computers, so you might expect them to show little interest in old-fashioned Dutch board games. However, board games still provide something that computers cannot: quality family time. As such, they often prove an unexpected hit with the kids. The following popular Dutch board games are not only fun for all the family; they’ll also teach your children about the Netherlands and will help to improve their Dutch!

Ik Hou Van Holland

The Ik Hou Van Holland (I Love Holland) board game is based on the popular Dutch TV game show on RTL 4, in which two teams compete against each other. It’s packed with entertaining activities that boast a typical Dutch flavour, including `Geen ja, nee en uh’ (‘No yes, no or uh’), de Spellingronde (the Spelling Round), Woordslang (Word Snake) and Kaaswerpen (Cheese Tossing). The Ik Hou Van Holland board game is suitable for children of 12 years and upwards, and there’s a special Ik Hou Van Holland Junior Edition for younger family members.


Ganzenbord is a classic Dutch board game that’s still available in its original, traditional Dutch design. Guaranteed to invoke fond memories of Holland, the object of the game is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Of course, countless obstacles along the way make this far easier said than done! Jumbo Traditional Dutch Ganzenbord is suitable for children of 5 years and upwards, and as it’s entirely in Dutch, is an ideal way for your children to learn the language.

Pim Pam Pet

Looking to improve your children’s knowledge of Dutch? Then why not enjoy a few rounds of the old-fashioned Dutch word game, Pim Pam Pet? In this particular game, a nominated games master first chooses a card with a question on it. The games master subsequently spins a wheel to reveal a letter. Participants must then come up with as many different answers to the chosen question, using words that begin with the specified letter. According to the manufacturer, Jumbo Pim Pam Pet is suitable for children of 8 years and upwards, however even children as young as 6 years will enjoy the game, especially if it’s played in teams.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.


One comment on “Make the most of summer with typical Dutch board games!

  1. Todd Rondone

    learned to play mens while in K.I.A. in Aruba. It kept me sane. Learned Backgammon then too and its still my favorite. Any game clubs in Chicago land I can join?

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