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From AP to Lelytown: Dutch cities and their nicknames

You’ve likely heard of Mokum and Rotjeknor, but did you know that many other Dutch cities also boast a nickname? We’ve listed some of the most eye-catching below.

nicknames of Dutch cities

Alkmaar – Kaasstad
Almere – Polderstad
Amsterdam – Mokum
Apeldoorn – AP
Arnhem – Rijnstad
Breda – Oranjestad
Den Bosch – Hertogstad
Den Haag – Hofstad
Den Helder – Marinestad
Eindhoven – Lichtstad
Enkhuizen – Haringstad
Enschede – Enske
Groningen – Stad
Haarlem – Spaarnestad
Hilversum – Omroepstad
Leiden – Sleutelstad
Lelystad – Lelytown
Maastricht – Maasstad
Nijmegen – Keizerstad
Tilburg – Textielstad
Rotterdam – Rotjeknor
Utrecht – Domstad
Zwolle – Sassendonk

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