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Dutch coffee: delicious and distinctive

If you were to ask the average Dutch emigrant or holiday maker what they miss most from the Netherlands, their answer would likely be Dutch coffee! That’s because authentic Dutch coffee boasts a delicious and distinctive flavour that makes it a sought after product both at home and abroad.

Dutch coffee

The unique qualities of Dutch coffee

Statistics confirm the Dutch to be consummate coffee drinkers. Indeed, they consume a whopping 7.1 kilos of coffee per person every year, making the Netherlands the 5th largest coffee drinking nation in the world. The majority of this coffee is, of course, Dutch coffee – the Dutch tend to be extremely particular when it comes to coffee and find foreign blends either too strong (Italy, Spain), too weak (America, UK) or simply lacking the desired flavour (France, Germany).

Top 3 types of Dutch coffee

Curious about Dutch coffee? Then sample the three most popular types of coffee in the Netherlands:

1. Filter coffee

Although Dutch coffee drinkers have been somewhat overwhelmed by the large variety of different types of coffee on offer in recent years, traditional filter coffee is still the number one choice in the Netherlands. The clear favourite is Douwe Egberts fine ground coffee, although Fairtrade quick filter coffee is also growing in popularity. These days Dutch filter coffee is available in an impressive selection of special flavours too, including the intense Douwe Egberts Black filter coffee, made from only the finest of Arabica beans.

2. Coffee pads

The Senseo coffee machine was invented by internationally renowned Dutch manufacturer, Philips, in collaboration with celebrated Dutch coffee roaster, Douwe Egberts – which is probably why Dutch coffee pads are in such great demand in the Netherlands! Dutch coffee pads are available in a number of different brands and flavours, although the “regular”, “dark roast” and “mild roast” blends from Senseo Douwe Egberts are the most favoured. Today coffee pads are often available for purchase outside of the Netherlands and can also be ordered online from leading Dutch supermarket, Holland at Home.

3. Instant coffee

Although many Dutch people turn their noses up at instant coffee, plenty of others swear by it: instant coffee is both quick and easy to prepare and, according to some coffee connoisseurs, even more delicious than filter coffee or coffee pads. The best-loved instant coffees in the Netherlands include Nescafé Red Melange and Nescafé Gold Blend, as well as handy, ready made products that contain coffee, coffee creamer and sugar in one, such as Nescafé Original 3 in 1 and the Italian inspired Nescafé Cappuccino.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.


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