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3 weird and wonderful visitor attractions in the Netherlands

Currently visiting or living in the Netherlands and think you’ve exhausted all of the fine sights that this small country has to offer? Then think again – the three weird and wonderful Dutch tourist attractions below are well worth a visit!

Nolet windmolen in the Netherlands

De Noletmolen

You’ll notice it immediately upon entering the city of Schiedam: a bizarre looking windmill that appears to be resting on a life-size pedestal. With a height of some 55 metres (including the vane), the Noletmolen is in fact the largest windmill in the Netherlands. Yet, although this giant windmill is of traditional Schiedams design, it’s actually only 10 years old. The impressive structure was built in 2005 by the Nolet Distillery, which brews the world renowned Ketel 1 jenever (Dutch gin) and vodka.

Van Gogh fietspad Eindhoven

The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde fietspad is an utterly unique cycle path that was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, De Sterrennacht (Starry Night). As soon as darkness falls, the cycle path transforms into a magical sea of light and colour, for a truly memorable cycling experience. The unusual bike path is located between the Opwettense Watermill in Nuenen and the Collse Watermill in Eindhoven, and is freely accessible for all. Naturally, taking a Dutch rental bike is highly recommended!

Waterval van Loenen

There are no mountains in the Netherlands, so the last thing that you’d expect to find on a list of Dutch visitor attractions is a waterfall. Surprisingly though, this flattest of nations does indeed boast its very own waterfall – the Loenen Waterfall on the edge of the Hoge Veluwe National Park, close to the town Loenen. Sometimes humorously referred to as the ‘Niagara of the Veluwe’, the Loenen Waterfall is not, however, a natural waterfall, but rather a man made feature of a canal constructed in 1869. This fascinating Dutch tourist attraction is located on the N786 between Beekbergen and Loenen (exit P “Waterval”).

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