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Dutch speciality cheeses

For the majority of Dutch people, a slice of bread topped generously with authentic Gouda or Edam cheese is nothing special – unless of course they happen to live abroad. A traditionally made, naturally ripened Dutch cheese, which has been made from the milk of grass-fed cows, on the other hand, is highly prized in the Netherlands.

Popular types of Dutch cheese

Gouda and Edam cheese are easily the most widely consumed Dutch cheeses, both at home and abroad. These typically Dutch varieties of cheese are firm, boast a creamy flavour, and are commonly enjoyed on bread, as a snack between meals, or as an additional ingredient in favourite Dutch dishes. Many popular Dutch cheeses, however, are no longer made in traditional dairies but rather in modern factories, whilst some of the Dutch cheese for sale abroad is not even manufactured in the Netherlands at all. That’s because the generic names, Gouda and Edam, are not protected – indeed, only the names “Gouda Holland” and “Edam Holland” are prohibited from labels on cheese that is not produced in the Netherlands.

Artisan Dutch cheese

If you wish to sample genuine Dutch cheese – cheese that has been produced in the Netherlands and doesn’t come from a factory assembly line, then you’ll need to shop at Holland at Home. Holland at Home is the leading online Dutch supermarket and, as such, offers an unbeatable range of Dutch speciality cheeses. The impressive Holland at Home cheese selection includes:

Beemster cheese

Dutch speciality cheeseBeemster cheese is a superior Dutch cheese with a highly distinctive flavour. Produced in a traditional Dutch dairy in the Beemster Polder (an area of reclaimed land in the Netherlands), it is made exclusively from the milk of cows that are allowed to roam freely on the pasture, where they feed on grass grown on mineral-rich, clay soil. Beemster cheese is left to ripen naturally and a number of steps in the production process, such as stirring the curd and inspecting the cheese, are still performed by hand in order to guarantee that famous Beemster quality. Holland at Home stocks the following mouth-watering Beemster cheeses: Beemster 30+ Semi Mature, Beemster Exclusive Mature, Beemster Exclusive Extra Mature, Beemster Exclusive XO (twice mature cheese) and Beemster Organic Young cheese.

Landana cheese

Dutch speciality cheeseLandana cheese is renowned for its unique flavour and exceptional quality. This lovely Dutch cheese is prepared using artisan techniques and left to ripen naturally for truly delicious results. The Landana cheese assortment at Holland at Home showcases a number of tempting varieties, including: Landana Walnut Cheese, Landana Sambal Chilli Cheese, Landana Herb Cheese, Landana Mustard Cheese and Landana Nettle Cheese. In addition, the Dutch online supermarket sells a variety of Landana goat’s cheeses, such as Landana Goat’s Cheese Aged and Landana Goat’s Cheese Coriander & Fenugreek.

Speciality Dutch Aged Cheese

If you prefer the pungent flavour of aged cheese, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with Old Amsterdam. However, Holland at Home also stocks a number of aged cheeses for the more discerning palate, including old-fashioned Ouwe Jongens Aged Cheese and the Dutch farmer’s cheese produced in Drenthe, known as Boer ’n Trots Aged Cheese.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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