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Exporting your Dutch car abroad

Have you become so attached to your Dutch car that you prefer to take it with you upon leaving the Netherlands? Although feasible, this does require a certain degree of organisation, not to mention deep pockets! Indeed, it’s often cheaper to sell your car upon emigration / remigration from Holland and buy a new one in your country of destination instead.

Exporting your Dutch car abroad

Exporting your car abroad: is it financially viable?

Those who are in the process of emigrating / re-migrating will know just how expensive it can be. Which is why exporting your Dutch car abroad might seem like a sensible way to save money. However, the financial viability of this rather depends on a number of factors, including the age of your car, the cost of an equivalent car in your country of destination, and of course, the fees associated with exporting your car from the Netherlands and subsequently importing it abroad. As a general rule of thumb, newer cars are more suitable for export than older ones. But even if your Dutch car is relatively new it’s sensible to calculate the costs involved beforehand. And don’t forget – you’ll also need to successfully navigate a number of administrative hurdles before registering your Dutch car abroad.

De-registering your car from the Netherlands

If you’ve weighed up all of the costs associated with exporting your Dutch car abroad, and concluded that it is still advantageous to do so, then you’ll need to de-register your car with the RDW at least two weeks prior to leaving the Netherlands. You’ll require a temporary Dutch registration plate for the interim period, right up until the moment that you’ve registered the car in your new country of destination. And, if you’re heading for a country outside of the EU, then you’ll additionally have to complete an ‘export declaration’ for Dutch Customs. You’ll only be permitted to drive your car once it’s officially registered abroad, so be careful – your Dutch car insurance is unlikely to be valid if your car is no longer formally registered in the Netherlands. Visit the RDW website for more information about de-registering your car from the Netherlands.

Registering your Dutch car abroad

Once your car is officially de-registered from the Netherlands, you must complete the necessary formalities to have it registered in the country of destination. The rules and procedures for this vary from country to country, so always refer to the website of the relevant authority in your chosen destination. Often your car will require an inspection before being declared eligible for foreign registration, and if you’re moving to a country such as the UK, you’ll also have to swap the speedometer and headlights for those that conform to local standards. If you plan to move your car to a country outside of the EU, then bear in mind that you might have to pay import tax too.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.


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