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The preferred dishes of the Dutch rich and famous

Ever wondered what Queen Máxima’s favourite meal is? Curious as to what makes Dutch folk singer, Frans Bauer, lick his lips in anticipation? Or perhaps you’d like to know what celebrated Dutch swimmer, Erica Terpstra, prefers to rustle up at home in her kitchen? Let’s find out!

Dutch celebrities - favourite dishes

Dutch celebrities – preferred dishes

You might think that the Dutch rich and famous would prefer to dine out in fancy restaurants, but this is actually not the case. In fact, many Dutch celebs favour traditional Dutch cuisine, and some are as at home in the kitchen as they are in the limelight! The list below reveals (in no particular order) the favourite dishes of some of the Netherland’s best-loved celebrities.

  • Edwin van der Sar (former goalkeeper of the Dutch national football team): pasta and fish
  • Jan Smit (folk singer): Carpaccio, baked tuna, pasta, coconut ice cream
  • André van Duin (comedian): rauwe andijviestamppot (traditional raw endive mash dish) with bacon and rookworst (Dutch smoked sausage)
  • Frans Bauer (folk singer): chicken with red cabbage
  • Jan Marijnissen (former politician): zuurkoolstamppot (typical Dutch sauerkraut mash dish)
  • Mark Rutte (Prime Minister): Indonesian rijsttafel (popular Dutch – Indonesian meal)
  • Robert ten Brink (television presenter): French beef stew
  • Danny de Munk (musician and singer): garnalenballen (prawn balls)
  • Gerda Havertong (former TV presenter): pom (typical Surinam oven dish)
  • Jan-Peter Balkenende (former Prime Minister): spaghetti carbonara
  • Marco Borsato (singer): wok dishes
  • Erica Terpstra (former Olympic swimmer): chicken liver in red wine sauce

Dutch royal family – favourite dishes

The Dutch royal family have disclosed little about their culinary preferences in the past. However, Dutch archives now reveal that they tend to enjoy relatively simple fare: Queen Wilhelmina apparently loved porridge, Prince Claus liked nothing better than a Beef Stroganoff (without tomato paste), which he allegedly prepared himself, whilst Princess Beatrix still receives regular deliveries of Sachertorte. Queen Máxima, on the other hand, has slightly more exotic tastes, which is hardly surprising considering her Argentinean background. Yet, just like many other women in the Netherlands, she appears to have a decidedly sweet tooth – as evidenced by her fondness for ‘dulce de leche’ and chocolate mousse!

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