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How to prepare and enjoy an authentic Dutch tompouce

Do you sometimes struggle to enjoy that typical Dutch delicacy known as tompouce, without a considerable amount of mess? Attached is a simple guide to consuming the Dutch equivalent of a cream slice without having to do battle with your fork!

Dutch tompouce recipe

Instructions for eating a tompouce

Thanks to its layers of crisp pastry, generous cream filling and striking pink glaze, a Dutch tompouce (cream slice) is every bit as delicious as it is eye-catching! However, consuming this irresistible Dutch treat is a delicate operation that must be handled with precision – particularly if you wish to prevent the top half of your tompouce from ending up all over your face instead of in your mouth, or avoid crushing it with your fork and unintentionally forcing out all of the cream filling.

To learn how to enjoy your next tompouce without the accompanying mess, simply follow our handy instructions below:

1. First place the tompouce gently on its side (long side).

2. Next grip the bottom layer of pastry.

3. Carefully slide your fork lengthwise through the cream filling (effectively dividing the tompouce into two) until both the top and bottom sections of pastry each contain an equal amount of filling.

4. Now place the two sections of tompouce onto their backs.

5. Finally, devour both halves of the tompouce separately (or use a fork to cut into manageable sized pieces).

Authentic tompouce recipe from the Netherlands

Most visitors to the Netherlands will know and love the tempting tompouce from the HEMA – however, if your nearest store is located some thousands of miles away you might consider rustling up the mouth-watering Dutch pastry at home instead. To do so, simply follow this Dutch tompouce recipe or, alternatively, order a handy tompouce kit that requires absolutely no baking, from leading online Dutch supermarket, Holland at Home!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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