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‘Koningsontbijt’ in the Netherlands – a right royal breakfast in honour of King’s Day!

On 24th April Dutch children up and down the country will once again take part in the ‘Koningsspelen’ (The King’s Games) – a colourful sporting event for all primary school children in the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean. But before the festivities begin, the pupils first sit down with their classmate to a hearty breakfast that’s intended to supply all of the energy they need for the fun-packed day ahead.

King’s Sports Day in the Netherlands

Koningssportdag (King’s Sports Day)

The Kings Games is a fun annual event for Dutch primary school children, which is held on the Friday preceding King’s Day. Each and every school is free to organise the event as they wish: the kids can play games on the school playground for example, hold their own flea market, or even compete in a sports tournament with other schools. The ‘Koningssportdag’ (King’s Sports Day) is considered the most important element of this entertaining day, as King Willem-Alexander is an avid sports fan who not only enjoys watching sport, but also participating in it: indeed, he skated in the 1986 ‘Elfstedentocht’ (Eleven Cities Ice Skating Tour) and ran in the 1992 New York marathon.

Koningsontbijt (King’s Breakfast)

Before the children begin their sporting activities, they first enjoy a filling breakfast supplied by a well-known Dutch supermarket and several sponsors. There has been a certain amount of criticism in recent years about the content of the King’s Breakfast, which largely consisted of sugar-laden breakfast products. Which is why this year, considerable effort has gone into ensuring the King’s Breakfast is not only festive, but also healthy. This year the children can feast on a selection of typically Dutch breakfast products, including wholemeal bread, Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk, Appelsientje Orange Juice, Venz Chocolate Sprinkles, Bolletje Rusks, Slankie Cheese Spread, cherry tomatoes and apples – a breakfast, in fact, that’s fit for a king!

Want to get your kids in the mood for the King’s Games? Then check out this fun video and dance and sing along with your children to the popular Dutch children’s choir, Kinderen Voor Kinderen.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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