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Wednesday still ‘gehakt’ day in the Netherlands

According to a recent survey conducted by a Dutch supermarket chain, some 15 percent of all Dutch people still enjoy a specific meal on a certain day of the week, even though it’s a habit that’s slowly dying out. To discover which typical Dutch dishes are widely consumed in the Netherlands on a particular day of the week, read on!

Dutch culinary traditions

Traditional Dutch meals

The Dutch are not exactly famous for their adventurous culinary traditions, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love good food or enjoy cooking. Indeed, around one third of all Dutch people prepare their own meals on a daily basis, whilst almost all of them cook at least five or six days a week. Traditional Dutch meals made from potatoes, vegetables and meat are clearly favoured, although pasta and rice dishes are an increasingly popular choice.

What’s most noticeable from the Dutch supermarket chain survey of some 1300 respondents, is that one in three Dutch people have a list of set menus that they enjoy on a weekly basis. In addition, 15 percent of them consume certain dishes on fixed days of the week:

  • Wednesday: minced meat – dishes made from potatoes, vegetables and gehaktbal (minced meat).
  • Friday: fish – a ‘meat-free’ day, when fish is generally chosen instead.
  • Friday/Saturday: French fries served Dutch style, with mayonnaise or special French fry sauce.
  • Sunday: Chinese takeaway dish


Another striking conclusion that can be drawn from the survey is that the Dutch are genuine dessert lovers. In fact, as many as two-thirds of all Dutch meals end with a dessert, such as vla (a typical Dutch dairy pudding), ice cream or yogurt.

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One comment on “Wednesday still ‘gehakt’ day in the Netherlands

  1. John Nash

    So.. Fish are not meat? No beef or chicken meat on Friday Night 🙂

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