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Most popular emigration countries for young Dutch adults

According to a report by Dutch debt collection agency, Intrum Justitia, one in five young adults in the Netherlands are currently considering emigration. Their main reasons appear to be financial – they believe that they’ll enjoy more economic security elsewhere. But where exactly do these young Dutch people go?

Most popular emigration countries

Why do young Dutch adults emigrate in the first place?

Emigration is not a modern phenomenon – indeed, people have been moving to other regions or countries for a variety of different reasons for thousands of years. In 2008, the Dutch Statistics Bureau (CBS) conducted extensive research on Dutch emigration. They found that shortage of space, redundancy, lack of career prospects, the Dutch tax burden and Dutch bureaucracy, were the main reasons Dutch people gave for packing their suitcases. For young people in particular, finding a job is one of the most important factors in their decision to emigrate. And whilst plenty of Dutch teenagers and ‘twenty somethings’ initially go abroad to study or take up a temporary work placement, many land a permanent job or meet a partner and decide to stay in their new home for good.

Most popular emigration countries for young Dutch adults

A 2006 survey by the CBS revealed that the popularity of emigration countries varies by age. Dutch adults over the age of 40 for example, tend to opt for ‘la douce France’ or are lured by the promise of the Spanish sun. Younger people on the other hand, prefer to seek their fortunes in countries such as Britain, Australia, the United States, the Dutch Antilles or Turkey.

Regardless of their destination, however, it seems that the majority of young Dutch emigrants cherish fond memories of the Netherlands for a lifetime. And Dutch emigrants in general regularly visit websites about the Netherlands or occasionally order typical Dutch products, including chocolate sprinkles and pea soup, from online Dutch supermarkets, such as Holland at Home.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.


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