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Heldere ossenstaartsoep (clear oxtail soup)

Fancy a satisfying soup that’s guaranteed to warm you up on a cold, winter’s day? Then try this authentic Dutch recipe for clear oxtail soup – it’s utterly irresistible!


50 grams of bacon
1 oxtail
1 carrot
1 onion
Fresh parsley
1 bay leaf
50 ml of Madeira

Oxtail soup recipe


First finely dice the carrots, slice the onion and coarsely chop the parsley. Next heat a little butter or oil in a soup pan and gently fry the bacon on a low heat until golden brown. Meanwhile, cut the oxtail into chunks and add to the bacon. Once the oxtail is nicely browned, pour in 1½ litres of hot water and bring to the boil. Now add in the onion, carrot, chopped parsley and bay leaf, season with salt, cover (with a tilted lid) and leave the soup to simmer for three hours. Take care to remove any scum that periodically forms on the surface. Once cooked, discard the bay leaf, carefully remove the oxtail pieces from the pan using a spoon, and pour the remaining broth through a sieve. Next, cut the pieces of meat from the oxtail and add back into the soup. Stir in the Madeira, season with salt and pepper, and bring briefly to the boil once more. Lastly, garnish the soup with chopped parsley and serve in traditional style, with freshly baked bread or rye bread and Dutch cheese.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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