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The most delicious oliebol in the Netherlands

Every year, professional oliebol bakers up and down the country do battle for the coveted title of “Best Oliebol in the Netherlands”. During the annual ‘Oliebollen Test’, judges from the Dutch newspaper, Algemeen Dagblad (AD), scour the country in search of the very finest oliebol – a deliciously filling, round doughnut that’s traditionally served with icing sugar at New Year. This year’s results will be announced directly after Christmas…

The most delicious oliebol in the Netherlands

Oliebollen stalls

Oliebollen stalls are a familiar sight in Dutch towns and cities during the festive season. Whilst sales of oliebollen typically peak at New Year, few Dutch can resist warming up before then, with a freshly baked oliebol on a chilly winter’s day. And, even though the recipe for oliebollen is surprisingly simple, many Dutch prefer the convenience of popping to their nearest oliebollen stall, than wasting precious time in the kitchen at this busy time of year.

The most delicious oliebol

However, according to the annual Oliebollen Test by the AD, the quality of oliebollen served at these oliebollen stalls varies greatly. Indeed, some sell oliebollen that are simply too dry or taste like cardboard, whilst 10 percent of the oliebollen tested last year were labeled “inedible”. Fortunately, there are still oliebollen bakers who take great pride in their profession, such as Richard Visser – named ‘Best Oliebol Baker in the Netherlands’ nine years in a row.

Homemade Oliebollen

Happily, you can try matching his skills, and enjoy freshly made Dutch oliebollen wherever you are in the world, by following this simple oliebollen recipe!

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2 comments on “The most delicious oliebol in the Netherlands

  1. Klaas de Vries

    Just missed out on the oliebollen this year. The only oliebollen shop (which we know = http://www.vinkerswaffles.com) in Dubai does not accept any more orders. They don’t make more than 1000 oliebollen in 2014. Guess we have to do it ourselves. Or does anybody have another address?

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