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Dutch songs about homesickness

Although love is easily the most common subject of songs, many popular Dutch singers and bands regularly croon about heimwee (homesickness) too. So, if you’re feeling a little homesick for Holland and fancy shedding a few nostalgic tears of your own, then have a listen to our sentimental compilation of Dutch songs about heimwee below.

Dutch songs

Acda & De Munnik – Naar huis
This stirring song from Acda & De Munnik suggests that even a holiday away from Holland can prove too much for some. In fact their longing for home is so intense that they’re counting the days until their eventual return!

Bløf – Heimwee
An evocative song about homesickness that’s guaranteed to bring a lump to every listener’s throat. Performed by the famous Dutch pop band, Bløf, the song was originally inspired by the lead singer’s tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend, but was given added poignancy after the death of the band’s drummer.

Erris van Ginkel – Heimwee naar Veenendaal
‘Heimwee naar Veenendaal’ (Homesick for Veenendaal) featured in ‘De Vooruitgang’ – the first show by Dutch cabaret artist, Erris van Ginkel, in which he humorously wrestles with his deep-seated Veenendaalse roots.

Guus Meeuwis – Brabant
A haunting ballad by Brabant born and bred, Guus Meeuwis, who mourns the warmth and vibrancy of home as he wanders a foreign city.

Henk Wijngaard – Heimwee naar jou
As a former long distance lorry driver, Dutch singer, Henk Wijngaard, knows better than most what heimwee feels like. In this particular song he waxes lyrical about an overriding desire to be back in the loving arms of his wife once more.

Pater Moeskroen – Heimwee
In this song Dutch band, Pater Moeskroen, laments the strange elusiveness of heimwee: “En de heimwee is als een ondergrondse beek. Je ziet het niet, maar je hoort het water stromen. Heimwee komt als een dief in de nacht, onverwacht in onze dromen” – “Homesickness is like an underground stream. You can’t see it, yet you can hear the water flowing. Homesickness arrives like a thief in the night, unexpectedly in our dreams”.

Rooie Rinus & Pé Daalemmer – Hoornse Plas
Even those away from home for just a few weeks, can still suffer a few pangs of homesickness. And Dutch comedians, Rooie Rinus & Pé Daalemmer, have nailed this uncomfortable feeling in an incredibly amusing way!

Soli Deo Gloria – Heimwee
Dutch Christian choir, Soli Deo Gloria, from Urk give heimwee a spiritual edge in their opera style ode to the phenomenon.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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