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Famous Dutch advertising slogans

Most Dutch emigrants will admit to suffering at least a few pangs of nostalgia when they read or hear those famous advertising slogans associated with traditional Dutch products. To refresh your memory and trigger a trip down memory lane, we’ve listed some of the best-loved slogans linked to typical Dutch supermarket products, complete with a loose translation and year of origin (where known).

Dutch advertising slogans

Amstel: “Dit is de man, dit is zijn bier”; “De beste drinkers drinken het, ‘s lands beste brouwers brouwen het”; “Ons bier”.
Translation = “This is the man, this is his beer”; ” The best drinkers drink it, the country’s best brewers brew it”; “Our beer”.

Appelsientje: “Het beste onder de zon”.
Translation = “The best under the sun”.

Autodrop: “Altijd weer die autodrop”; “Zo lekker, het zou verboden moeten worden!”.
Translation = “Autodrop – not them again!”; “So delicious, they should be banned!”.

Bokma: “Schat, staat de Bokma koud?”
Translation = “Honey, is the Bokma chilled?”

Bolletje: “Ha, bakker, heb je Bolletje?” (1951); “Hij wil Bolletje” (1954); “Ik wil Bolletje!” (1959); “Boer, Bakker, Bolletje” (1987); “Sonja, bakker bij Bolletje” (2008).
Translation = “Hey, baker, do you have any Bolletje?”; “He wants Bolletje”; “I want Bolletje!”; “Farmer, Baker, Bolletje”; “Sonja, baker at Bolletje” (a play on the Dutch word for baker and a famous Dutch diet book author).

Calvé pindakaas: “Stom hè? ik vind het gewoon lekker…”; “Calvé Pindakaas. Wie is er niet groot mee geworden?”; “Hoe groot wil je worden”; “Smeuïg tot op de bodem”.
Translation = Silly, huh? I just think it’s delicious…”; “Calvé Peanut butter. Who didn’t grow up big and strong on it?”; “How big do you want to be?”; “Smooth until the very last drop”.

Chocomel: “De enige échte”.
Translation = “The one and only”.

Cup-a-Soup: “Vier uur Cup-a-Soup. Dat zouden meer mensen moeten doen!” (1998),”Cup-a-Soup,een cup en hup” (2011).
Translation = “Four o’clock Cup-a-Soup. More people should do that!”;”Cup-a-Soup, one cup and hup” (‘hup’ is the Dutch outcry for ‘come on! It is often heard at Dutch football matches, as in ‘Hup Holland, hup!’).

De Ruijter: “De Ruijter de Ruijter, de broodversierder sinds 1860”; “De Ruijter is om op te eten!”
Translation = “De Ruijter de Ruijter, the bread decorater since 1860″; “De Ruijter is just made to be eaten!”

Douwe Egberts: “En dan is er koffie… Douwe Egberts koffie, lekkere koffie” (Tot 2005); “Het ruikt hier naar Douwe Egberts” (2007): “Je bent er ‘s morgens pas helemaal bij na een heerlijk kopje Douwe Egberts”; “Dat is andere koffie”; “Een goed gesprek begint bij Douwe Egberts” (2008) “Een goed idee begint met een kopje Douwe Egberts koffie”(2011).
Translation = “And then there’s coffee… Douwe Egberts coffee, delicious coffee”; “It smells of Douwe Egberts”; “You’re only truly ready in the morning after a delicious cup of Douwe Egberts”; “That’s a different coffee altogether”; “A good chat begins with Douwe Egberts”; “A good idea begins with a cup of Douwe Egberts coffee”.

Ei: “Een ei hoort erbij”; “Breek de dag, tik een eitje”.
Translation = “An egg goes with everything”; “Break the day, crack open an egg”.

Frico: “Niet vergeten, Frico eten”.
Translation = “Don’t forget to eat Frico”.

Heineken: “Heerlijk, helder, Heineken”; “Biertje?”.
Translation = “Delicious, clear, Heineken”; “Fancy a beer?”.

Heinz: “Heinz Sandwich Spread! Voor uw broodnodige variatie” (1972); “Lekker fris, lekker anders!”; “Heinz pastasaus, saus voor over de pasta!”; “De enige echte!” (2010); “Welke andere?”.
Translation = Heinz Sandwich Spread! For your much needed variety” (a play on the word ‘brood’ which means ‘bread’ in Dutch and ‘broodnoodig’ which means ‘essential’); “Deliciously fresh, deliciously different!”; “Heinz pasta sauce, sauce for your pasta!”; “The one and only!”; “What else?”.

Honig: “Gisteren deed ik het nog… in mijn zelfgemaakte soep”.
Translation = “I used it again only yesterday… in my homemade soup”.

Kip: “Kip, voor alledag, voor iedereen”; “Kip, het meest veelzijdige stukje vlees, KIP!”; “Hmmm, kiprecepten”.
Translation = “Chicken, for every day, for everyone”; “Chicken, the most versatile piece of meat there is, CHICKEN!”; “Mmmm, chicken recipes”.

Mora: “MMM van Mora.”; “Gangmaker sinds 1960” (2004).
Translation = “MMM… Mora.”; “Leading the way since 1960” (a play on the word ‘gang’ which also means ‘course’ – as in ‘starter, main or dessert’ in Dutch).

Melk: “Drink per man driekwart kan” (1960s?); “Met melk meer mans” (early 1970s?); “Melk, de witte motor!” (1980s); “Voor elk is [er] wél melk”; “Melk en je kan tegen een stootje” (2009).
Translation = “Drink three quarters of a can per person”; “Feel stronger with milk”; “Milk, the white engine!”; “There’s milk enough for everyone”; “Milk, and you can handle anything”.

Robijn: “Nieuw? Nee, Robijn Intensief”; “Wat mooi is, moet mooi blijven”; “Robijn Black Velvet, want wat zwart is moet zwart blijven!”.
Translation = : “New? No, Robijn Intensive”; “What’s beautiful, should stay beautiful”; “Robijn Black Velvet, because what’s black should stay black!”.

Roosvicee: “‘t Komt wel goed, schatje…” (2006).
Translation = “It’ll be all right, sweetheart…”.

Unox: “Dat kan alleen maar Unox zijn”; “Van Unox natuurlijk”; “Unox blijft Unox”; “Eerlijk is Heerlijk”.
Translation = “That can only be Unox”; “From Unox of course”; “Unox remains Unox”; “Honest is delicious” (a play on the Dutch saying ‘eerlijk is eerlijk’).

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, which is specifically intended for Dutch emigrants.

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