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Dutch passports third in the list of most widely accepted passports

Nothing is more inconvenient than having to apply for a holiday visa. Yet, according to the recently published Visa Restrictions Index, those fortunate to possess a Dutch passport are far less likely to require one. In fact, Dutch passports rank third in the list of the most widely accepted passports in the world!

Dutch passportMost Dutch people don’t give a visa a second thought when they go on holiday, because a valid Dutch passport is often sufficient to gain entry into another country. Yet this particular privilege is not afforded to all world citizens – if you have a Filipino, Ghanaian or Thai passport for example, you’ll often have to apply for a visa if you’re already in the Netherlands and planning to visit another European country. That’s because a visa requirement doesn’t usually depend on the country that you’re traveling to, but rather your nationality. Holders of a Dutch passport (just like any other EU citizen) may travel within Europe without a visa and can even emigrate to another European country without a residence permit. The Dutch don’t need a visa for many destinations outside the EU either. Indeed, in line with the Visa Restrictions Index, the Dutch can visit as many as 171 countries around the world without a visa.

However, the Dutch passport is still not the most widely accepted passport in the world – this honour is reserved for holders of Finnish, Swedish and British passports (173 visa-free countries), and holders of Danish, German, Luxembourgish and American passports (172 visa-free countries). Does that mean that it’s a good idea to naturalise to one of these countries after emigration? That remains to be seen, for the benefits of visa-free travel might not necessarily outweigh all of the other benefits that come with your own passport!

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One comment on “Dutch passports third in the list of most widely accepted passports

  1. Anouk11095

    i already have a dutch passport

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