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Going on holiday? Don’t forget your chocolate sprinkles!

For the average Dutch holiday maker, the mere thought of going a couple of weeks without their preferred variety of hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) is the stuff of nightmares. Which is why so many Dutch tourists take a couple of boxes of this popular Dutch treat with them on holiday!

Dutch chocolate sprinkles

Anecdotes abound about stereotypical Dutch holidaymakers who take Dutch coffee, cheese and even sacks of authentic Dutch potatoes with them on holiday. Indeed, most Dutch people smile in recognition of a familiar trait that sees them cramming favoured Dutch supermarket products into their suitcases, be it a bag of genuine Dutch liquorice or a pack of delicious syrup waffles. And research firm Multiscope recently revealed that a whopping 70% of all Dutch holidaymakers take at least one or more Dutch products to their holiday destination.

Hagelslag – a genuine Dutch favourite

Coffee in particular appears not to be trusted by Dutch holiday makers, for some 58% of them stuff one or more packs of the Dutch variety into their luggage. In addition, a massive 48% packed a box of hagelslag – arguably more understandable, as this typical Dutch sandwich topping is rarely available abroad. In fact, hagelslag ranked number one with Dutch families, and no less than 73% of all Dutch travellers with children routinely take hagelslag on holiday, representing a total annual export of up to 750,000 kilos of chocolate sprinkles! Yet even those products that are readily available in foreign supermarkets, such as peanut butter and cheese, are regularly taken abroad …. apparently Calvé peanut butter is infinitely superior and foreign cheeses simply cannot compete with a mature Gouda or Old Amsterdam!

Dutch emigrants

Hagelslag remains popular with Dutch emigrants too – fortunately they need no longer travel to the Netherlands in order to enjoy their chosen chocolate sprinkles and other typical Dutch breakfast products (including chocolate flakes, apple syrup, breakfast cake and Brinta), as these are now available for worldwide shipping from leading Dutch supermarket, Holland at Home.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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