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5 sizzling summer cocktails… made from Dutch beer!

There’s simply nothing more refreshing on a hot sunny day or a warm summer’s evening, than a typical Dutch beer! Indeed, what could be more delicious than a cold glass of Heineken with its trademark frothy head, or a Hoegaarden white beer beaded with condensation? Well, did you know that you can also use your favourite Dutch beers to rustle up an exciting selection of sensational summer cocktails? So, why not surprise your barbecue guests this year with one of our five thirst-quenching, beer-based cocktails below?

Dutch beer cocktail1. Oranjebier (orange beer)

Beer and orange are a match made in heaven – discover why with this patriotic Dutch cocktail that’s perfect at Dutch themed parties and events! Pour one bottle or can of Heineken, one measure of Oranjebitter and one glass of mineral water (preferably sparkling), into a bowl and stir thoroughly. Lastly, divide the Oranjebier between two cocktail glasses and garnish each with a colourful slice of orange. Bottoms up!

2. Hollandse punch (Dutch punch)

The Spanish have sangria, the English their Pimm’s, and the Dutch…? Hollandse punch of course! Mix four bottles of Wieckse Rosé, two measures of Oranjebitter, and one measure of Bokma lemon gin, together in a large glass bowl. Add in some cucumber and apple slices, as well as some zesty orange wedges, and then give another stir. Finally, squeeze in a little fresh lemon juice, along with plenty of ice, and serve with a punch ladle and glasses. Proost!

3. Sjoes (traditional Dutch beer cocktail)

Whilst you can order a cooling glass of Sjoes in almost every bar in Limburg or Brabant, elsewhere in the Netherlands this traditional beer cocktail, which originated in Germany, is extremely hard to find. Fortunately, Sjoes is a breeze to prepare at home: simply pour 1 part Heineken Oud Bruin and three parts Heineken lager into a beer glass and hey presto…your authentic Dutch Sjoes is good to go! 

4. Bier float (beer float)

The ‘beer float’, which has been popular in America, Canada, Australia and England for decades, is believed to have been inspired by the “ice cream soda” first introduced to America in 1874. Although beer floats are not very common in the Netherlands, Dutch beer is particularly suited to this indulgent summer treat. Just place a generous scoop of your favourite ice cream into a tall glass and top with a typical Dutch beer. Tasty combinations include: vanilla or strawberry ice cream with white beer, and chocolate or rum and raisin ice cream with Heineken Oud Bruin or Hertog Jan Grand Prestige.

5. Hollandse aardbeien biercocktail (Dutch strawberry beer cocktail)

These days you can buy beer in a dazzling variety of tempting flavours, yet none of them beats a Dutch strawberry beer cocktail on a sizzling summer’s day! Take a punnet of fresh strawberries, rinse, slice and pop into a bowl. Sprinkle with icing sugar and leave to infuse for 1 hour. Finally, divide the strawberries among several glasses and top with your favourite Dutch lager or white beer for wonderfully fruity results!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

One comment on “5 sizzling summer cocktails… made from Dutch beer!

  1. Fresh and delicious summer cocktails are the perfect addition to pool side parties.Thanks for sharing some of the top ideas.. I like the #4 one.

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