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Hollands vruchtenijs (Dutch fruit ice cream)

Getting a little hot under the collar this summer? Cool down with our irresistible ice cream recipe that truly makes the most of those fresh Dutch fruits of the season!


100 grams of strawberries
100 grams of raspberries
100 grams of blueberries
100 grams of cherries
1 peach or nectarine
100 ml of orange juice
3 tbsp. of Oranjebitter
2 eggs
100 grams of brown sugar

Dutch fruit ice cream


First rinse the fruit and remove any stones or pips. Chop the nectarine or peach in manageable chunks and then pop this, along with the rest of the fruit, orange juice, Oranjebitter and 175 ml of water into a blender. Blitz until nice and smooth. Next pop this mixture into a plastic container and place into your freezer. Stir thoroughly every half hour until the mixture begins to form ice crystals. Now place the whites of 2 eggs and the sugar into a mixing bowl and whisk into a light fluffy mousse. Stir in the semi-frozen fruit ice cream and then return to the freezer once more. Again, stir the ice cream mixture thoroughly every 30 minutes or so, this time until completely frozen. Finally, move the ice cream to your refrigerator half an hour prior to serving and top with your choice of fresh fruit.

Please note: this recipe contains raw egg, and is therefore not suitable for pregnant women. Those who are pregnant and still wish to enjoy this delicious ice cream may do so by leaving out the egg white.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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