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Campsites in the Netherlands – a favourite with the Dutch!

Like most of us, the Dutch simply cannot wait for the start of their summer holidays. Camping is easily the most popular type of Dutch holiday, with France and Germany repeatedly topping the list of favoured holiday destinations. Yet, whilst the Dutch certainly enjoy taking their trusty tent or caravan on a trip across the border, they love nothing better than pitching up at one of the many excellent campsites in the Netherlands.

Dutch holidays

Camping – the preferred Dutch holiday

The Dutch adore summer camping holidays and although some still prefer the ‘back to nature’ experience of a spartan tent and humble camping stove, increasing numbers are opting for an altogether more glamorous version known as ‘glamping’ – camping in a luxurious caravan or tent kitted out with all of the latest gadgets, including fully equipped kitchens, widescreen TVs and wifi. This up-market type of camping is rapidly becoming a fashionable way to holiday in the Netherlands, even with the wealthy.

Regardless of budget, camping has been a clear favourite with Dutch holidaymakers for decades. However, the comparatively low cost of camping is not its main attraction, but rather the unrivalled opportunity to get closer to nature and sample a more the primitive way of life, which many Dutch believe makes a positive contribution to family social interaction.

Dutch campsites – top rated

Despite the fact that Dutch people overwhelmingly prefer to holiday in France and Germany (source: ContinuVakantieOnderzoek 2013), they are often less satisfied with the campsites on offer in these and other European countries (source: Zoover). So, while the location of a foreign campsite usually gets the thumbs up with Dutch campers, Dutch campsites tend to receive a higher rating for cleanliness and child-friendliness. And even though the eateries based in or within the vicinity of foreign campsites are generally judged to be of good standard, the majority of Dutch people still choose to cook for themselves. That’s because the typical Dutch meal is considered integral to a good camping holiday, and many Dutch people routinely cram a supply of Dutch products into their car boot before they leave, from Dutch coffee, tea, chocolate sprinkles and breakfast cake to Dutch beer, sweets & biscuits, meal mixes and even ready made pea soup. And it’s why Dutch campers never feel homesick, even if the campsite leaves a lot to be desired!

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