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French Fries – Dutch style!

Top of the list of things to do for many Dutch emigrants on a trip back to the Netherlands, is a visit to their local snack bar! That’s because nothing tastes more like home than authentic ‘Hollandse patat’ (Dutch French fries), possibly accompanied with a tasty ‘kroket’ (deep-fried meat ragout), ‘frikadel’ (deep-fried minced meat sausage), ‘bamischijf’ (slices of deep-fried Indonesian noodles or rice), or other typical Dutch snacks. Most Dutch people eat their patat with mayonnaise or ‘fritessaus’ (a special type of mayo specifically for chips), but there are also a number of other interesting ways to enjoy them…

Dutch patat

Patatje speciaal

Those who prefer a powerful kick tend to plump for ‘patatje speciaal’ – a combination of Dutch chips served with mayonnaise, ketchup, and a generous topping of raw diced onion. In some (mostly southern) provinces patatje speciaal is served with a spicy curry sauce instead of ketchup.

Patatje oorlog

Patatje oorlog (which translates roughly as ‘war’ chips) owes its name to the large number of toppings that leave it resembling a battlefield. The recipe for patatje oorlog changes according to the Dutch province (and in some cases, even the city or town) in which it is served – a bag or plastic container of patatje oorlog is typically loaded with a combination of ‘pindasaus’ (satay sauce) and mayonnaise (sometimes referred to as “patatje flip” or “patatje pinda-mayo”), and in southern provinces, crowned with raw diced onion and curry sauce. The Belgium region of Flanders also boasts its own version of patatje oorlog, known as “friet oorlog”, which is topped with stewed meat sauce (instead of pindasaus), mayonnaise  and ketchup.

Patatje Joppie

These chips are drenched in ‘Joppiesaus’, a distinctive yellow-brown sauce made from vegetable oil, sugar, curry and other spices. Joppiesaus was developed by the owner of “Annie’s Snackbar” in the village of Glanerbrug in Twente, who sold her secret recipe to a Dutch sauce manufacturer in 2003. Today, it is a firm Dutch favourite that’s not only enjoyed with patat, but also with other typical Dutch snacks, such as frikadellen and hamburgers.

Patatje stoofvlees

Those with a hearty appetite favour ‘patatje stoofvlees’ – French fries served with a filling meat stew that’s perfect for dunking. Patatje stoofvlees is predominantly popular in Zeeland, North Brabant, Limburg and parts of Gelderland, as well as Belgium Flanders, where it is known as ‘frietje stoof’.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

3 comments on “French Fries – Dutch style!

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  2. Sue Butler

    I wish I could get Dutch chip mayonaisse fritessaus over in England its so nice 😀

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