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Typical products and dishes from Texel

Every summer thousands of Dutch and foreign tourists, as well as fun-seeking day-trippers, jump on the ferry to Texel – the largest island in the Netherlands that’s located in the province of North Holland. Yet Texel is not only one of the best holiday destinations in Holland, it also boasts an exciting number of unique culinary specialities, which are highly regarded throughout the country, even by the Dutch Royal Family. Below, you’ll find an overview of some of the most famous products and dishes from Texel.

Typical products from Texel

Texel lamb

Texel is true sheep country, where there are almost as many sheep as people: some 14,000 of them no less! And Texel lamb is highly distinctive thanks to its naturally salty flavour resulting from the briny land that Texel sheep graze on. Understandably, it is exclusively Texel lamb that is served to foreign dignitaries at Dutch state banquets.

Texel cheese

Many of Texel’s cheese farms produce both ‘boerenkaas’ (farmers cheese) and sheep’s cheese made using milk from the farm’s own dairy. Texel cheese is comparable to many other types of Dutch cheese, but again the saline soil that Texel livestock feed on lends the cheese, a truly special flavour.

Texel beer

There’s nothing quite like an authentic Dutch beer and, just like other regions in the Netherlands, Texel brews its own fair share of tempting beers. Genuine Texel beers, such as Skuumkoppe, Springtij and Noorderwiend, are made from pure Texel dune water, malt derived from barley, wheat from the Eyerlanderpolder, a unique strain of Texel yeast, and a special blend of hops.

Juttertje herbal liqueur

Texel has been renowned throughout the Netherlands for its superior range of quality liqueurs, gins and herbal drinks for centuries. Juttertje kruidenbitter is no exception – indeed, this typical Texel herbal liqueur, which possesses a wonderfully soft and subtle flavour, is still prepared according to an old family recipe and proudly boasts a ‘Genuine Texel Product’ label.

Tip: Fancy sampling some typical Texel products and dishes? Then visit the Texel Culinair event that’s taking place in Texel between 12th and 14th September this year!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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