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Pancakes – the most popular delicacy in the world!

If you thought that pancakes were predominantly consumed in the Netherlands, France, England and America, then you thought wrong! In fact pancakes are a popular delicacy all over the world and it’s only the way that in which they’re prepared that varies per country: some countries enjoy them extra thick for example, other nations augment their pancakes with a tasty filling or topping, whilst some prefer them folded double. Below you’ll find a list of 10 distinctly different types of pancakes from all corners of the globe.

Japanese pancakes

1. Naleśniki (Poland)

These particular pancakes are somewhat similar to Eastern European blinis – after baking they’re covered with a sweet or savoury filling and then carefully folded into a yummy parcel. Naleśniki are routinely sprinkled with icing sugar and topped with sour cream or strawberry sauce before serving.

2. Raggmunk (Sweden)

Swedish raggmunk look almost like mini-pancakes, yet taste entirely different. Traditionally made from a rich blend of mashed potato, cream and chives, raggmunk are an indulgently savoury pancake that’s usually served with a generous dollop of sour cream.

3. Pannukakku (Finland)

The Finnish word “pannukakku” is extremely similar to the Dutch word for pancakes, “pannenkoeken”, but that’s where the similarity ends – the Finnish version is baked on a baking tray in the oven (rather than in a pan) and is cut into portions before serving with powdered icing sugar, whipped cream, fruit and / or other sweet toppings.

4. Olady (Russia)

Russian pancakes are so small that they could easily be confused for Dutch poffertjes (mini pancakes)! Olady are prepared from a creamy batter of yogurt or buttermilk and are typically served with syrup and slices of apple

5. Uttapam (India)

Pancakes are also a favourite in India where they’re known as ‘Uttapam’. Uttapam are savoury pancakes prepared ​​from a fermented mash of rice, black lentils, chopped onions and seasoning, and are commonly enjoyed as a snack between meals.

6. Cong you bing (China)

Chinese cuisine is extremely diverse, so it’s hardly surprising that it too boasts a unique variety of pancake. In China pancakes are called ‘cong you bing’, are made from a tempting savoury dough laden with spring onions, and are commonly served with a delicious soy sauce dip.

7. Okonomiyaki (Japan)

The word okonomiyaki comes from a combination of “konomi”, which literally means, “what you want” in Japanese and “yaki”, which translates as “grilled”. Which sums up their pancakes (that are made from a batter containing white cabbage and anything else you might fancy) rather nicely!

8. Apam balik (Indonesia)

The pancake batter for Indonesian apam balik uses rice flour as a base. After baking, Indonesian pancakes are coated liberally with satay sauce, folded double and served standing upright on their plate.

9. Anjero (Somalia)

The Somali version of pancakes is actually a type of flat bread that’s similar to Injera from Ethiopia. The batter used to prepare anjero contains yeast for exceptionally light and airy results.

10. Cachapas (Venezuela)

Corn is a popular ingredient in Many South American dishes, and cachapas are no exception. As soon as these irresistible Venezuelan pancakes are ready, they’re sprinkled with grated cheese and folded into a mini cheese taco that’s simply perfect with drinks!

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