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Gift idea for Father’s Day: a typical Dutch drink!

Still no idea what to give your partner, dad or grandfather for Father’s Day? Then treat him to a typical Dutch drink, for a Father’s Day gift to remember!

Dutch ginSunday, 15th June is Father’s Day in the Netherlands – time for spoiling the man in your life once more. And what better way to indulge him than with a typical Dutch tipple that’ll invoke fond memories of Holland?

Dutch spirits come in a variety of different types and flavours – below is a small list of some of the most popular Dutch drinks, for a Father’s Day gift that your dad will truly savour.

1. Bokma Jenever

Bokma Jenever is an authentic Dutch gin and a household name in the Netherlands. Bokma Jenever is 100% distilled from grain, such as rye, wheat and corn, and available in several different varieties, including Bokma Young Grain Gin, Bokma Old Gin and Bokma Lemon Gin. Indeed, there’s bound to be one that’s just perfect for your deserving dad!

2. Bols Corenwijn

The Bols brand is a true favourite with Dutch fathers, who particularly appreciate its fine range of jenevers. Bols also produce Bols Corenwijn – a uniquely Dutch liqueur that’s great with raw herring, smoked salmon or Dutch cheese. Bols Corenwijn Wine also comes in a beautiful earthenware bottle (see photo), which once empty, can be used as a decorative candleholder and thus makes a delightful keepsake.

3. Sonnema Berenburg

Tough dads love tough drinks to match. If your partner, father or grandfather likes to believe he’s as hard as nails, then flatter him with a bottle of Sonnema Berenburg, a typical Frisian liqueur with a highly distinctive flavour and strong character. Don’t worry – your dad can always water his Sonnema Berenburg down with a splash of tonic or mineral water if can’t take it neat!

4. Juttertje

Juttertje is the world famous herbal liqueur from Texel – it possesses a wonderfully soft and gentle flavour, which means that your dad needn’t be a strapping Dutch beachcomber (juttertje) in order to enjoy it! Juttertje is still prepared according to a traditional family recipe and boasts a ‘Genuine Texel Product’ label.

5. De Kuyper Oranjebitter

If your partner, father or grandfather is an avid supporter of the Dutch football team, then a bottle of De Kuyper Oranjebitter is an absolute must in his drinks cabinet! Oranjebitter is a delightfully fruity liqueur flavoured with the aromatic peel of oranges from Valencia and Malaga and just a hint of aniseed. Delicious as an aperitif, or when there’s something extra special to celebrate, such as Father’s Day, King’s Day or even World Cup victory for Holland!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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