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How to watch the 2014 World Cup abroad

Between 12th June and 13th July, virtually the entire world will be glued to their TV sets in order to watch the 2014 World Cup. Whilst those Dutch people living abroad can generally expect to have no problems following the World Cup as the excitement unfolds, you might sometimes find it difficult to watch all of the group matches in which the Netherlands play.

Below are some handy tips for watching all of the Dutch World Cup games abroad.

Watching the 2014 World Cup on television

WK2014 HollandUnfortunately, you’re unlikely to be able to view all of the group matches in which the Netherlands are scheduled to play on standard foreign television channels… unless of course you happen to be living in Spain, Australia or Chile, which are also competing in Group B. If you don’t want to miss a game you’ll therefore need to tune in to foreign sports channels, such as ESPN, Sky Sports and Eurosport. Or, if you have a Canal Digital subscription, you can follow all of the group matches live via NOS.

Watching the 2014 World Cup via the internet

NOS plans to broadcast all of the Dutch World Cup soccer matches live via their website, NOS WK2014.  Certain restrictions may apply in some countries, but if you’re left with a blank screen, then don’t despair – there are a number of other options, including websites, such as Live Voetbal Kijken, Sporza and WiZiWiG. 

The Netherlands World Cup 2014 Schedule

Want to know when the Netherlands is scheduled to play? You can find a list of all their scheduled matches, in addition to potential games, in date order below. Please note that kick-off is indicated in local Dutch time).

  • Friday 13th June: Spain – Holland (21h.)
  • Wednesday 18th June: Australia – Holland (18h.)
  • Monday 23rd June: Holland – Chile (18h.)
  • Saturday 28th June: winner group A – runner up group B (18h.)
  • Sunday 29th June: winner group B – runner up group A (18h.)
  • Friday 4th July: Quarter final winners 28/6 (22h.)
  • Saturday 5th July: Quarter final winners 29/6 (22h.)
  • Tuesday 8th July: Semi final winners 4/7 (22h.)
  • Wednesday 9th July: Semi final winners 5/7 (22h.)
  • Saturday 12th July: 3rd & 4th Place (semi final losers) (22h.)
  • Sunday13th July: World Cup Final (semi final winners) (21h.)

Missed a match? Browse our Nederlandse TV en Radio page to find out how you can watch the game (or highlights) later.

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Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

One comment on “How to watch the 2014 World Cup abroad

  1. Esther

    Does anyone know how I can watch the WK Hockey live online from abroad??

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