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Kick-off your 2014 World Cup preparations in style!

Even Dutch emigrants and expats who’ve lived abroad for many years still feel a pang of Dutch pride during the football World Cup. It’s not always easy, however, to net the orange football clothing and accessories necessary to cheer on the national team in style. Fortunately, online Dutch supermarket, Holland at Home, stocks an extensive range of orange party items available for international shipping, which are simply ideal for showing your allegiance to the Netherlands throughout the World Cup. Below are four fun ways to put them to good use!

Orange football

1. Don a cheerful orange outfit

One way to make it abundantly clear where your allegiance lies during the 2014 World Cup is to don an orange item of clothing. This can be a subtle detail, such as a cute orange cap or a cool Holland cowboy hat, or a bolder statement, such as an orange T-shirt or cheerful flag dress in the Dutch tricolour. If you prefer to get creative, then why not daub your face with orange make-up, coat your hair in orange hair spray, or plant a striking orange mohawk on your head? Complete your patriotic look with a festive orange glitter boa or orange football scarf draped jauntily around your neck – in fact, the possibilities are endless!

2. Festoon your house with orange decorations

Planning to watch the 2014 World Cup action at home with family and friends? Don’t forget to dazzle them by festooning your living room or even the entire house with bright orange decorations! Start with some orange flag bunting in and around the house, and provide each of your guests with their very own orange flag to wave throughout the match. Serve your half-time refreshments in a loyal orange football mug and treat everyone to a typical Dutch pastry (such as an orange cream slice or Dutch apple pie) presented on, yep, you guessed it, an eye-catching orange plate! Lastly, sound your triumph upon every victorious Dutch goal with this unique Brazilian World Cup whistle.

3. Don’t leave home without your orange souvenirs 

Naturally you’ll want everyone to know that you’re a die-hard Holland fan, wherever you may go (and not just during a match). Happily you can take all of your Dutch memorabilia, be it to work, school or even the gym, in this sturdy backpack with Holland logo, whilst your sports gear will fit neatly into this lightweight orange gym bag that scores all-round. And you can impress at lunchtime too, with a delightful orange lunchbox and matching orange drinking bottle that will leave football mad friends green with envy.

4. Treat your children to fun orange gifts

Both boys and girls alike enjoy receiving a cheerful selection of orange football gifts to outclass their non-Dutch friends during each and every game! Spoil your kids with an orange football to kick around the playground, an orange wallet to stash away their hard-earned pocket money, or a distinctive orange pennant to hang at their bedroom window. Finally, after a long day of World Cup glory, they can dream the night away under this cosy orange duvet

Looking for more exciting tips and fun ideas for the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil? Then visit the Holland at Home website and browse their impressive collection of orange party supplies and Dutch souvenirs for inspiration.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?


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