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Dutch vegetables firmly in vogue!

According to recent research on the popularity of vegetables, meat and fish in the Netherlands, vegetables are an increasingly important part of the evening meal. In fact, thanks to a growing focus on healthy eating, Dutch vegetables are firmly in vogue.

The Dutch evening meal traditionally consists of a piece of meat, a few potatoes and a portion of vegetables. Yet research now indicates that more and more Dutch are setting aside extra space on their plates for veggies or even skipping meat and fish entirely.

Healthy food is the latest Dutch trend

Dutch vegetablesExperts believe that meat and fish have become less popular thanks to a proliferation of cookbooks packed with vegetarian recipes, or recipes that are largely made from vegetables. In addition, Dutch diet books, such as “Bereik je ideale gewicht” (“Reach your ideal weight”) by Sonja Bakker and “Gezond Slank met Dr. Frank” (“Healthily Slim with Dr. Frank”) by Frank van Berkum, are proving extremely successeful, as is as the latest trend for cooking according to season. This means that lettuce and cucumber no longer grace Dutch plates during the colder months, but rather typical Dutch winter dishes, including red cabbage with apple or kale stew, that are lovingly prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Dutch recipes, just like grandma used to make

As Dutch vegetables now form the basis of many of today’s main courses, fish and meat are often an afterthought. And Dutch cookbooks are progressively promoting the use of typical Dutch ingredients that had up until only recently, all but disappeared from Dutch kitchens, including buckwheat flour (ideal for rustling up authentic Dutch pancakes), flaxseeds, spelt flour and millet.

So, now there is really no better time to experiment with some of grandmas favourites from yesteryear!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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