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Zure zult (head cheese or meat loaf)

Zure zult used to be known as ‘hoofdkaas’ (head cheese in Dutch) as it was originally made from a pig’s head. These days, however, most Dutch use meat scraps (and not only pork, but also beef) to prepare their zure zult, which makes a deliciously creamy sandwich topping.


1 kg of meat scraps
2 tsp. of salt
1 tsp. of pepper
½ tsp. of nutmeg
3 cloves
2 bay leaves
½ tsp. of cayenne pepper
½ tsp. of thyme
1 dl of vinegar
1 sheet of gelatin per dl of stock (optional)
3 Dutch pickled gherkins

Dutch recipe for zure zult


First place the meat scraps into a pan and cover with water. Next add in the salt, pepper and spices and leave to cook on a low heat for up to 3 hours. Now strain the meat from the liquid and puree in a food processor. Allow the stock to cool and remove any fat. Heat the stock once more and stir in the pureed meat (note: you may stir in some gelatin at this point if the stock hasn’t sufficiently thickened after cooling). Next finely cut the pickled gherkins and stir into the mixture. Pour into a pudding mould and leave to set in your fridge. Finally cut the zure zult into thin slices and serve as a delicious filling in freshly baked rolls or sandwiches.

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