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Krabsalade (crab salad)

A freshly prepared crab salad served on melba toast or crackers is the perfect party snack. And, even if you have nothing special to celebrate, this tempting crab salad tastes equally delicious on freshly baked rolls or in a sandwich!


400 g of crab (tinned)
3 eggs
½ red pepper
1 stick of celery
A few stems of fresh chives
4 tbsp. of mayonnaise
½ tbsp. of ketchup
½ tsp. of sambal
1 tsp. of lemon juice
2 tsp. of sherry
½ tsp. of mustard

Dutch recipe for krabsalade


First, hard boil the eggs and then peel and cut into small pieces or gently crumble. Clean the celery, red pepper and chives and cut into small pieces. Next place the mayonnaise, sambal, ketchup, lemon juice, sherry and mustard into a large bowl and stir thoroughly. Finally, add in the crab, eggs, peppers, celery and chives, stir and garnish with a little paprika.

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