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Hollandse speklappen (Dutch pork belly)

If you love Dutch stamppot and other traditional Dutch dishes, then you simply must try Hollandse speklappen, which owes its deliciously refined flavour to a generous amount of ketjap manis and garlic.


4 portions of pork belly
4 tbsp. of ketjap manis
1 clove of garlic
Salt and pepper

Dutch recipe for speklappen


First rub salt, pepper and crushed garlic onto your portions of pork belly and then fry in a pan in their own fat (so without the use of any butter or oil) on a high heat. Turn the meat regularly in order that it browns evenly and becomes lovely and crisp. Drain the excess fat from the pan and keep for later. Now drizzle a splash of ketjap over the pork belly and cook for a further minute. Next carefully add a cup of boiling water to the pan (until the meat is completely covered) and then allow the liquid to come to the boil and form a rich gravy. Lastly, remove the pork belly from the pan, add the fat back in and stir thoroughly. Serve the pork belly with a delicious Dutch stamppot or new potatoes and warm greens.

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