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How to watch Dutch television programmes abroad

If you’ve enjoyed an expat stint or an extended stay in the Netherlands, then you might find yourself missing some of your favourite Dutch TV programmes upon your return home. Watching Dutch television abroad, sustained of course by a delicious selection of popular Dutch snacks, such as Duyvis cocktail nuts and authentic Dutch cheese cubes, is also an ideal way to keep abreast of what’s happening in the country since you left. Unfortunately Dutch TV channels are not available as standard outside of the Netherlands, meaning that you’ll need to get your Dutch TV fix another way. For an at-a-glance guide to watching Dutch TV abroad, read on!

How to watch Dutch TV abroad

Watch Dutch TV via satellite

The most practical way to watch Dutch television abroad is to buy a satellite dish and receiver and subscribe to a Dutch digital satellite television provider, such as Canal Digitaal. The disadvantage of this option is that, as Dutch television rights are not valid outside of the Netherlands, you will require a permanent Dutch address in order to subscribe. Watching Dutch television via satellite is thus only possible if you’re still officially registered in the Netherlands and don’t want to miss your best-loved Dutch TV programmes while visiting back home.

Watch Dutch TV live via the internet

These days the majority of Dutch television channels are broadcast live via the internet. You can find a comprehensive overview of websites that offer live Dutch television on our Dutch TV and Radio page. This means that many of your preferred Dutch television programs, such as the news, game shows and Dutch soap operas, can be enjoyed from almost every corner of the globe. Some of these websites even offer the possibility to download a handy app that allows you to watch Dutch TV via your smartphone or tablet. However, certain Dutch TV programmes are still subject to legal restrictions – you’ll recognise these from the blank screen that ensues when attempting to tune in from outside the Netherlands!

Catch up on Dutch TV via the internet

If you live in America, Asia or Australia then, unless you’re a self-proclaimed night owl, you probably won’t want to watch Dutch TV live! Happily you can catch up on Dutch TV programmes that you’ve missed using a number of special websites and apps, such as Uitzendinggemist or TV Blik. For a full list of Dutch TV catch-up websites visit our Dutch TV and Radio page.

If you have more tips on how to watch Dutch television abroad then please share them by leaving a comment below!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

4 comments on “How to watch Dutch television programmes abroad

  1. Selim

    As of 25/07/2017:

    All the major Dutch TV channels are now available Free to Air via Satellite in the whole of Europe!

    Satellite: EutelSat 9B 9.0°E
    Frequency: 11.747GHz
    Pol: H
    Symbol Rate: 27500
    FEC: 5/6


    NPO 1
    NPO 2
    NPO 3
    RTL 4
    RTL 5
    SBS 6
    RTL 7
    Disney TV Nederland
    RTL Z
    RTL 8
    SBS 9


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