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Typical products and dishes from South Holland

Although world-renowned Gouda cheese is not formally considered a regional cheese, like many other delicious delicacies it does originate in the Dutch province of South Holland. You can read more about Gouda cheese and other typical products and dishes from South Holland below.

Goudse kaas (Gouda cheese)

Gouda CheeseGouda cheese is one of the most widely consumed cheeses on our planet and certainly the most famous product from South Holland. Surprisingly though it isn’t officially classed as a regional dish because the name “Goudse kaas” or “Gouda cheese” isn’t protected. This means that anyone can name a cheese Gouda and explains why much of the Gouda cheese available abroad doesn’t boast the same authentic flavour of a genuine Gouda cheese from the Netherlands. If you wish to (re) discover just how tasty this Dutch cheese really is, then it’s best to order freshly cut Gouda cheese from a bona fide Dutch supermarket such as Holland at Home.

Gorinchemse zoute bollen (Gorinchem salt balls)

At first glance Gorinchemse zoute bollen look somewhat like sweets, however closer inspection reveals that they are actually a type of biscuit. Gorinchemse zoute bollen are made from a pastry that has been prepared according to an extremely old recipe from the ‘Bakkerij de Kroes’ in Gorinchem and possess a lovely salty flavour that makes them an ideal accompaniment to party drinks. Gorinchem salty balls are available (often in traditional tins) from bakeries in Gorinchem and the surrounding area.

Aardappelen met karnemelk  (potatoes with buttermilk)

In the Hoeksche Waard region of South Holland absolutely nothing goes to waste. Indeed this typical South Holland dessert is made from mashed leftover potatoes mixed with lashings of buttermilk (another firm Dutch favourite) for a delicious dairy pudding with a difference!

Schelvispekel (typical liquor from South Holland)

Just as in other regions of the Netherlands, the inhabitants of South Holland are partial to a stiff drink! And what Bokma is to Friesland or Bols is to Amsterdam, so Schelvispekel is to South Holland. This powerful alcoholic liquor was originally consumed by fishermen from Vlaardingen who used it to warm up before a hard day’s work. They prepared it themselves from a heady mix of brandy, cinnamon and nutmeg, and not “salted haddock” as its rather more innocent sounding name suggests!

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