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Kroketten and bitterballen for Dutch Olympic team in Sochi!

Many Dutch simply cannot survive without two of their favourite Dutch snacks –kroketten and bitterballen (delicious varieties of deep fried meatballs). Indeed, despite a ban on the import of kroketten and bitterballen to Russia by the Russian authorities, the Dutch Olympic Team in Sochi went to great lengths to enable the enjoyment of these typical Dutch delicacies at Heineken Holland House – the official meeting place and party venue for Dutch athletes and their fanatical supporters.

Dutch krokettenThe Dutch Winter Olympic team at Sochi has certainly had plenty reason to celebrate, with an impressive performance that has resulted in a steady stream of gold, silver and bronze medals. Yet a typical Dutch party isn’t considered complete without a generous supply of authentic Dutch kroketten and bitterballen. A problem that, in lieu of the importation ban, forced the clever organisers at Holland Heineken House to come up with a rather innovative solution.

In fact, they arranged for a special kroketten and bitterballendraaier (bitterballen and kroketten chef) to fly out to Sochi for the duration of the Winter Olympics. And not just any old kroketten and bitterballen chef, but 61-year-old “Master Kroketten Maker” Piet Brink, the head chef at famous Dutch kroketten manufacturer, Van Dobben. Brink was kept extremely busy rustling up a daily quantity of delicious, hand made kroketten and bitterballen from locally sourced ingredients, and therefore had little time to watch the Winter Olympics himself. He is, nonetheless, proud to have provided the Dutch Olympic team with the most mouth-watering, freshly prepared Dutch kroketten and bitterballen throughout their stay in Sochi.

If you live abroad and are unable to purchase Dutch bitterballen and kroketten from your local supermarket, then why not follow the Dutch example and have a go at making them yourself? This tempting Dutch bitterballen recipe is not only incredibly easy to prepare, it’s also suitable for the preparation of traditional Dutch kroketten!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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