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Lose weight with a helpful selection of popular Dutch diet books

Over indulged during the Christmas holidays and have no idea how to shift those excess pounds? Now you can discover how to lose weight easily using a helpful selection of popular Dutch diet books with a distinctly Dutch flavour!

Each year ‘losing weight’ is listed within the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions in the Netherlands. Whilst switching to a more healthy, balanced diet and taking plenty of regular exercise is widely recognised as the best approach to slimming, many Dutch people find their new lifestyle difficult to maintain and turn to a number of best-selling Dutch diet books for inspiration. Not only are the Dutch language diet books listed below packed with delicious Dutch recipes, they’re also brimming with useful tips on how to lose weight for good.

Achieve your ideal weight with Sonja Bakker or Dr. Frank

sonja bakker Dutch diet bookSonja Bakker is arguably the most popular Dutch “diet guru” of our time – this charismatic Dutch weight consultant has already helped thousands of Dutch people to achieve sustainable weight loss via her best-selling diet book, “Bereik Je Ideale Gewicht!” (“Reach Your Ideal Weight!”). Her compelling diet book uses a carefully structured weight loss program, which features weekly menus, tips and advice, in addition to a variety of typical Dutch recipes, to help you to lose weight without counting the calories or giving up all of your favourite foods.

Another leading Dutch authority in the field of weight loss is doctor Frank van Berkum. His nationally acclaimed ‘’Dr. Frank Diet” has enabled countless Dutch people to reach their desired weight. His unique diet plan is based on real science and utilises a range of high-protein meals that keep dieters feeling fuller for longer, resulting in demonstrable weight loss. His informative diet books, “Gezond Slank met Dr. Frank” (“Healthily Slim with Dr. Frank”) and “Gezond Slank met Dr. Frank – Part 2”, are crammed with delicious Dutch recipes, menus and tips that will allow you to lose weight quickly and simultaneously satisfy your hunger.

Exercise and healthy snacks

Exercise is essential if you want to burn a few extra calories or unwanted layers of fat. In addition to your new healthy eating program, try ditching your car in favour of a brisk walk or make it your New Year’s Resolution to travel more often by bike. And, if you’re feeling a little peckish, then opt for a sensible snack between meals instead!

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One comment on “Lose weight with a helpful selection of popular Dutch diet books

  1. learn

    “Acai het nummer 1 Supervoedsel ” -Dr. Perricone-*
    “U zult in de toekomst veel meer horen over dit fruit uit het regenwoud. Acai is niet meer te vergelijken met alles dat kool is, bovendien heeft het natuurlijke Omega-3, 6 en 9 olien. Het is niet alleen goed voor je, maar veel atleten drinken het tijdens hun training, omdat het zo vol zit met voedingsstoffen

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