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Top emigration countries for happiness

Since the very start of the economic crisis, a record number of Dutch people have emigrated abroad, with the hope of building a better, happier life. Yet does the Netherlands really rank so low in the happiness league? Apparently quite the opposite is true!

top 5 happiest countriesA few months ago the United Nations published their “World Happiness Report” and, perhaps to the surprise of many Dutch, the Netherlands came within the ‘Top 5 Happiest Countries’. Their report was based on a variety of factors that helped researchers determine whether residents of a particular country were happy in general or not. Their report considered important aspects such as average number of years that citizens enjoyed good health and social connectedness, levels of corruption and freedom of choice, in addition to the average income per capita. According to their report, you’re best avoiding popular emigration destinations such as Germany, Belgium, Britain, the West Indies and the United States, as all these countries ranked lower in the happiness stakes than the Netherlands.

If you’re still determined to leave Holland for pastures new, then you’re better off heading to a country where you stand a greater chance of happiness, but be warned, the choice is limited – indeed, only in Denmark, Norway and Switzerland are the people happier on average than in the Netherlands.

The good news is that, regardless of where you end up, you needn’t give up any of your favourite Dutch products, including Dutch cheese and chocolate sprinkles, as these can be readily ordered from Holland at Home, the online Dutch supermarket, which offers competitive pricing and worldwide delivery!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

2 comments on “Top emigration countries for happiness

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  2. Georgina

    I am a Londoner but my teenagers adore appelmoes – which is the reason I’m on this page. I have to agree that Holland is great. Whatever you do – don’t come here : the rents are unaffordable and you must choose to starve or freeze to death!!!
    Truly, the happiest year in my life was 1985 -1986 when I was at a college in Rockanje called ‘Jong & Vrij’. I discovered BREAD, hagelslag, appelmoes, olieballen, gehakt meatballs, SintaKlass kapuntja, speculaas, shoebak (I have one)… Initially, I found the Dutch people to be startlingly honest – even rude: they say what they mean, whereas us Brits often ‘hint’ – so you have to be a specialist at inferring what we really think! The Dutch way is better, believe me.

    Tot ziens!


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