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Are Dutch people really the tallest in the world?

Many assume the Dutch to be the tallest people in the world – but is that really true and if so, why is the Netherlands a nation of such lofty citizens?

According to wiseGeek, an online team of researchers, writers and editors dedicated to providing short, clear and concise answers to common questions, the Dutch are statistically the tallest people on earth. In fact, the average height for Dutch adults is a towering 1.85 metres! The Dutch are closely followed by their Danish neighbours who measure an average of 1.83 metres tall. Americans, who were once the tallest people on our planet, now trail behind in the height stakes, measuring an average of just 1.76 metres in comparison. Yet, there are those taller even than the Dutch, such as the Maasai people of Tanzania and Kenya. As they are not indicative of their country as a whole, however, Holland can still claim the top spot.

Dutch people tallest in the world

It is particularly interesting to note that even foreign immigrants in the Netherlands are now taller than their compatriots back home. So, why are Dutch people so tall? Well, research suggests that it is a combination of two key factors – genetics and nutrition. The Dutch benefit from a healthy diet that is rich in Dutch dairy products and dairy products are high in protein – a complex substance made up of amino acids that is essential for healthy growth. In addition, the Netherlands enjoys a more even distribution of wealth than countries such as the United States for example.

Unfortunately, being a tiny nation of giants does have its drawbacks. Don’t forget that some Dutch people far exceed the average height and stand as much as 2.13 metres tall. As a result, the Dutch have had to adjust their modern building regulations and car designs in order to make them more ‘height friendly’.  It is a far cry from just 100 years ago, when up to 25% of Dutch men were rejected from the army for being too short!

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