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Gourmetten – a deliciously Dutch culinary phenomenon!

Want to invite friends or family for dinner, but don’t fancy slaving over a hot stove all day? Then try gourmetten – a deliciously Dutch culinary phenomenon!

Dutch gourmettenGourmetten is a similar concept to fondue, with dinner guests each preparing their own individual meal at the dining table. Instead of a fondue pot, however, they make use of a special gourmetten hob, which features a hot plate on which diners place a set of mini pans containing their choice of meat or vegetables. As well as being an exceptionally intimate and cosy way to enjoy an extended meal with your dining companions, Dutch gourmetten also allows for plenty of variation. Indeed, you can serve an almost limitless selection of meat and vegetables, from delicious Dutch omelettes to traditional Dutch pancakes!

Our tempting suggestions below are a great introduction to the art of gourmetten – simply pop all of the ingredients (including your choice of cooking oil or olive oil) into bowls, place on the dining table and allow your dinner guests to build their own personal menu.

Gourmetten meat dishes

When it comes to gourmetten, it’s best to opt for meat that doesn’t require much cooking – beef steak, small strips of chicken or thinly sliced pork fillet are a good choice. Place the different types of meat into separate bowls and set on the dining table immediately before dinner, in order that it stays nice and fresh. Lastly, consider serving with a variety of yummy Dutch dipping sauces, such as Calve mustard sauce, Calvé chilli sauce or Calvé garlic sauce.

Gourmetten vegetable dishes

Most people serve their gourmetten dishes with a large bowl of mixed salad, but you can also add a tasty selection of vegetables. Peppers, courgette, onion and some thinly sliced garlic are all ideal for cooking in gourmetten pans with a splash of oil. Alternatively, you can serve a jar or two of HAK garden peas or Bonduelle Dutch string beans , for those that can’t do without their preferred Dutch vegetables.

Gourmetten dishes for children

Gourmetten is as popular with Dutch children as it is with adults. Children love learning how to prepare some of their favourite Dutch meals, together at the table with family or friends. Omelettes go down particularly well, so a bowl of  Dutch farmer’s omelette mix is a safe bet. And, as most kids adore Dutch pancakes, a bowl of pancake batter, pouring syrup and powdered sugar is an absolute must on their gourmetten table. Just make sure that there is always an adult around to supervise and prevent burnt food and fingers!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

6 comments on “Gourmetten – a deliciously Dutch culinary phenomenon!

  1. rainbowsnanaimo

    I do this with groups of people who love to do something while they eat and interact with each other. A great way to entertain and spend more time at the dinner table!!

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  3. Mijnvoonaam Mijnachternaam

    ‘Gourmetten‘ is just a lazy way to evade being a decent host and sleaze out of the responsibility to prepare even a basic enjoyable meal. It‘s just a way for supermarkets to make more money on basic ingredients and for a host to say: here‘s the stuff, now cook it yourself, not my problem if it tasts unsatisfactory. It‘s the Dutch at their most lazy and spineless! Avoid at all costs.

    • Biggus Dickus

      Oh shut it you snobbish party pooper

    • Padruig

      Moroccan detected

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